Randy Orton And Soulja Boy Are Tweeting Till The Death

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Randy and Soulja are tweeting to the death

We last spoke of the Randy Orton and Soulja Boy saga about three weeks ago when it first sparked. (click here)

the tweet that started everything.

Since then, it’s gotten even more violent. Looking as if the only way out of this feud is a dual between the two in the ring.

(Not Staged)

Somebody gotta get knocked out at this point.

& something tells me it won’t be Randy.

ZERO CHANCE this dude can swing on Orton

In fact, I’m here to tell ya that Soulja Boy is out of his fucking box when it comes to these combat statements. Fantastic entrepreneur, but not a realistic dude when he’s calling out Jake Paul.

Whatever happens from here, I got Randy.

In Other News

Ben Askren is taking the Rocky IV approach for his upcoming fight in April against Jake Paul. I’m turning into a Ben Askren supporter.

Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul

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