RB&R Day 100: The MECCA Of All Days In New Orleans

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RB&R Day 100

I should probably do a better job of blogging and that can start today in recapping RB&R Day 100. Here we are…

we made it.

Btw, I fucking love blogging. Waking up, blazing some ReleafMed and spewing my thoughts on a keyboard to the world wide web. One of the most sacred avenues of expression. Anyways, the most sacred avenue of tradition was explored this past Monday. The greatest tradition…

Hakuna Matassa

Matassa’s was the location and for no particular reason other than Hakuna Matassa sounds tight. Sounds like something that should be affiliated with the joy of the 100th RB&R Day. They got a fella named “CHEF O” in the back whipping up some fantastic creole plates. Super nice convo.

He gave me test tries and really was just a fucking awesome dude to chat with. All that goes into the experience and all that matters to me. Everything I ate at Matassa’s was fucking solid.

It was a celebration, so we celebrated…

  • Jono Barnes
  • Iceman Special

Both present for cameo appearances. Iceman Special plugged up a 400 watt amp into a 140 watt car charger and made magic in the middle of Dauphine street. Jono Barnes took a plate of red beans to the face. (his idea lol)

100 straight Mondays in a row, the pinnacle of eating red bean hot plates. It’s one of them things that hits ya right at that moment. Made me wanna shed a tear on some tradition. You know who didn’t wanna shed a tear? The Louisiana Strawberry guy. He must eat dog shit on Mondays.


Lotta Mondays with little to no reception led to Mondays w/ the local folks craving RB&R Day. I believed in this shit from the day I started it. Glad everything is starting to come full circle.


Matassa’s is 100, ok


So many people to thank starting with anybody who followed from the start. Wow, you are one sick son of a bitch…but I love you.

Anybody who helped get my face out there more, whether it was internally or via Twitter and other social media. The folks who stay trying to keep me positive. All that shit made a difference. My guests (which there wasn’t many) Ben Mintz and Stormy Daniels. Finishing with Iceman and Jono Barnes.

All local treasures and I appreciate that. All the females who slid in my DM for red beans and then broke my heart, thank you for doing so it made me so motivated. Thank you to the local news stations for turning their heads the entire journey and all my haters in general, you guys really fucking suck. Every single establishment I went to, even the ones who don’t even know they are apart of the 100. Just oblivious…thanks.

The parish, I’ma always thank the parish.

We the funniest mothafuckas in the world baby. Ima show it.

Anybody who gave me money or spotted me so I could keep my shit going when they knew I didn’t even have enough to buy a hot plate. I’ll never forget that shit, humble times how can I ever forget it?

Folks never gave up on tradition.

Greatest city in the world, greatest tradition in the world.

My sponsors like Midas, 360 Home Inspection, Edberg, Fred’s, RELEAF MED, The Rambler and the ones who were along on the journey. I’m not here without people.

buy from these people!


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