RB&R Day 101: Have A Second Option Always

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RB&R Day 101

No shortage of drama on RB&R Day 101. For a second, you might’ve thought Jerry Springer was producing Monday’s red bean experience.

But, that’s how the cornbread crumbles when ya got ya hands full of tradition on a weekly basis. Can’t make em all happy, especially if they can’t make you happy. That was the case on Monday as I began to open up the search for the greatest tradition in the world. The vibes were so good to start the day that I said fuck it and asked the people.

Mistake Made

Idk why and this is a conversation I’ll have to have with the Lord, but I picked this one fella’s suggestion outta like 50 other ones and just ran with it. In my head, I’m thinking let’s give this common folk a shot. We gonna call this guy Dickweed for privacy purposes.

Dickweed’s suggestion

Dickweed suggested The Store in Metairie. Home of the worst drivers in the world and a mall. Nothing really bad to say about Metairie, I like their bars when I wanna get away. Regardless, it expands the search.

I even respond, GOOD INTEL

Little did I know, Dickweed was banking on me saying the absolute best things about this location by all means. Because what he didn’t mention was his strong ties with the place. He must have just followed…Because THAT is where Dickweed had me fucked up. I’m not bout to spare a truth and change what I do weekly for Dickweed to be happy.

The Store in Metairie

The Store Story

Long story not so short, I was in this little square, not big at all place for 15 minutes and wasn’t asked if I needed to order. Turns out the right side of this minuscule counter is a big deal at this place. Dickweed failed to mention that. I was on the left side, stood there and just watched this guy taking orders then become a server and started handing out dishes. I don’t understand this guy’s primary location at this point. All I see is an empty counter with nobody behind it. Turns out at this place, they need you to engage with them first and it must be behind a particular area in the small counter. Even if nobody is ahead to order. They’ll just let you stand there clueless and it’s just fucking wild to me.

101 Mondays
I may know a thing about good service

See Ya Later

At that point, I took my happy ass back to New Orleans. I’m unfamiliar with that silent hospitality over at The Store. Ain’t nobody trying to solve a fucking riddle to get good customer service. They’d later double down on their shitty souls with a bitch ass tweet.

I ratio’d the fuck outta these clowns and moved on with my day. Their twitter sucks for a reason, they don’t use it and when they do it’s to advocate politics. I really don’t even understand this fucking business at all to be honest. What I do understand is that I publish this shit every Monday regardless of who wakes up ready to play ball or not.

Majority of the time, I find the right spot. I don’t tell these folks what I’m doing and that’s so I can get the real experience.

The Store – Not HTM Approved

Dickweed (the location suggester) turned out to have strong ties with this establishment and turned full demon once things didn’t go his way. Fella was talking out his neck.

hard work leads to hard assumptions

Hank’s Bar

Just 20 minutes later, the customer service over at The Store was proven faulty. Made it back to New Orleans, walked in a place called Hank’s Bar. Same thing when I walked in Hank’s Bar, I never been there before and didn’t know if you order at the bar or the window. What occurred at that moment may sound like a miracle to the folks who run The Store, but it was what’s called common customer service. A lady who was walking around doing several tasks saw me standing a few feet away from what looked like an order table. She asked me if I needed to order. Shit’s wild huh? Like 97 other spots out of the 101 do it too, wow.

RB&R Day 101
Hank’s Bar

Saving $5.50 on a plate at Hank’s Bar compared to over at The Store and if you think for a second their portions are better than Hank’s? You need to go take a fucking nap.

Behind The Beans


  • A sizzling hot piece of fried fish
  • fucking whole river of red beans
    • flowed into the two extra compartments in the to-go box.
  • a salad
  • slice of bunny bread
  • great customer service
  • they told me the weekly specials
  • met the owner, head cook

The two last ones are lagniappe, but when you consider the price at $7.50 and that is the experience for a regular ass dude walking in there, you gotta just smile and say thanks. The lights weren’t even all on in this mfer and they still put out some straight heat. This is the difference folks.

Hank’s Bar – HTM Approved

Cox be like…

When you walk into Edberg Jewelry, they gonna greet you and say hello. No worries on that when dealing with Jason over at Edberg. Need something for ya sweetheart?

Stop by Edberg and have a perfected consumer experience with endless hand crafted options. Let em know you support HTM and he is gonna save you a few bucks on whatever ya buy.


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