RB&R Day 103: Prices Are High, But So Are The Vibes

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RB&R Day 103

Red Beans & Honey Badgers on RB&R Day 103. Greatest tradition in the world, WHAT?! I said, greatest tradition in the world.

That means when the Honey Badger to the Saints news drops on the same day, you double glorify the moment. The day gets that much better. Stack it on top.

It’s like a nuclear explosion of fucking happiness in 24 hours. Hot plates and the most local of greats, untouchable.

That’s exactly why I rolled over to Nonno’s on Claiborne in search of the ultimate hot plate. Remember, nothing can blow my high at this point. Thankfully that unbeatable feeling was in my soul, because outta nowhere I get slapped in the nuts with a…

$16 tradition plate!

Hoooly shit, the ambulance started rolling around the street as soon as the debit card got approved. The menu didn’t show red beans on it and looked like a menu outta Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon Restaurant. BUT, I maintained my composure and understood the assignment. Just get the plate. I gotta get the plate like I gotta get TM’s jersey. Whatever it takes.

Worry bout the rest later type shit.

As soon as I put the price in the back of my pocket, I was able to enjoy this delicious hot plate. No doubt about it, these folks can cook. Everything on the plate was good and yeah, it was fucking good. Great crust on the wings, nice flavor in the tradition and a whole sponge of cornbread. We call that the tradition sponge. Soaks up the tradition like a mfer.

I left kinda feeling sad about the price being the only thing that hurt this plate, but I have no issue in approving it on behalf of my taste buds, not my wallet.

Better bring a $20

Nonno’s – HTM Approved

Behind The Beans

As per routine…

Shout out Machine Gun Belly, btw.

Big ole vibes for New Orleans and we needed it. Huge week for mayo as well. Camellia on board with the tradition, Tasc on board and Blue Plate not far behind. Better days coming, many reasons to smile.

Blue Runner in shambles.

103 plates

Bless Em’

Ya loved one may need you to get em something nice, maybe they ain’t smiled in a while. I’m telling you, Edberg Jewelry is the local gem. Mayo loves them and they will take care of you if ya tell them you know me.


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