RB&R Day 104: Two Years Of Red Beans And Rice

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RB&R Day 104

Woke up on RB&R Day 104 with not a clue where I’d be taking my traditional talents. That’s the beautiful thing about it all, this whole thing happens in the moment.

At first, I was thinking free tradition over at this place GRIS-GRIS, but then I received some solid intel that the portions were absolutely fucked. Big red flag for satisfaction. No problem, I kept it moving.

Started thinking bout low key places and in the neighborhoods. I use to hook up w/ this chick who lived by Singleton’s and I knew the place had some fire hot food. Been wanting to go there and felt that RB&R Day 104 was the day I should do it. Always knew they’d make this list, just took a while.

RB&R Day 104

Bring Ear Plugs

Cause they got a ton of shit going on in this neighborhood. It looks like a fucking bomb got dropped right in the middle of the mfer. Weed eaters galore and vehicles driving through the fucked up roads in volumes.

idk if I mean this or not

Honestly, my nerves were getting tested and I had zero cigs left by the time I left this area. With all that being said, none of it has anything to do with what’s going on inside of Singleton’s. In fact, Singleton’s is the only saving grace for this entire area. Nothing under construction about Singleton’s.

RB&R Day 104

10 Seconds

It took just 10 seconds for me to have plates in hand after walking into Singleton’s. They running a tight ass shift over here baby and so am I on this budget. So, I was pleased to be spending half less than what I did last week when I went to Nonno’s on Claiborne.

  • A pile of RB&R
  • 2 pieces of fried chicken
  • 1 punching bag of sausage
  • Slither of french bread

Throw it on the scale as this mfer had to be a pound of food. Ham shreds all in the tradition and a value we all appreciate. Despite the sounds and chaos on the outside of Singleton’s, I have no problem approving this meal.

Singleton’s – HTM Approved

Behind The Beans

As per routine, a look behind the beans.

We’ve reached two straight years of tradition. Two straight years of looking for a plate on Monday and two straight years of promoting the greatest tradition in the world.

The Camellia deal is done and the most traditional merch in the world is in the works.

Hope you got something nice in the works for ya significant other this summer. Not gonna just breeze through till Christmas, huh?

3527 Ridgelake Drive
Metairie, LA

Edberg Jewelry got the rocks.


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