RB&R Day 106: Only One Queen In Kenner

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RB&R Day 106: Queen's Cuisine

Not many folks had nice things to say about Kenner until RB&R Day 106 rolled around. Kenner is like the Aeropostale of the New Orleans surrounding areas. Best way I can describe this city.

However, we will forever remember what went down at Queen’s Cuisine on Monday May 23rd, 2022 in Kenner.

Address: 2000 Airline Hwy – Kenner, LA

Side window operation and I’m telling ya this the best side window operation you will ever find locally.

Look Here

I’ve eaten over 100 places in the area and this experience was undoubtedly the best experience and most meaningful one I’ve had out of 106 spots. Didn’t even mean to run into this place, but I feel like that is how the best shit always happens.

Miss Queen

First person you gonna see is the person who owns the place, Queen. Lol, wow what a vibe. Within seconds it feels like you’ve known her for years. Instant conversation and there is zero, I mean nothing not to like about this sweet woman. She so funny, so passionate too and for good reason. Queen lost her son Johnny in 2014 when he was robbed and murdered in the East.

Queen tells story in depth

His dream was to open up a restaurant for his Mom. Queen turned that dream into a reality for her son and the family. You gotta feel that story right there and root for this family business. That’s before we talk about the food. This the type of hot plate you pray for at lunch.

Food Relay

You gotta be an olympic food athlete to keep up with what Queen started putting out that window. Shit went from picking up a hot plate on Monday, to an absolute side-window extravaganza. Endurance tested, all that.

Within minutes I was eating Banana Pudding, shortly after I was eating Fried Fish and Stuffed Fish. Then, she’d call me to the window for something else that she had fresh and hot. This is all before the RB&R.

$11 for this plate

So essentially, I had a 5-6 course meal via a side window in Kenner. How incredible is that? It’s better than incredible.

I put this up against any course meal, idc if they got the best AC and white tablecloths w/ Mozart on. This shit was better to me.

Everything that came out that window slapped.

  • Banana Pudding
  • Fried Fish
  • Stuffed Fish
  • Red Beans & Rice (Camellia Beans)
  • Fried Chicken Wings
  • Cornbread
  • Potato Salad

All out the side window from Queen. Beyond grateful for the hospitality and opportunity to make such beautiful, organic content.

Queen’s Cuisine – HTM Approved

May all the good things go Queen’s way.

Behind The Beans

As per routine…

Shout out J Saint on the mobile lens.

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