RB&R Day 107: Different Type Of Tradition On Magazine

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RB&R Day 107

Took my American ass to Magazine Street for I don’t even know what reason on RB&R Day 107. Ya gotta go with ya gut and my gut knew that I wouldn’t walk away smiling wide with anything I obtained on Magazine to do with tradition. It just hasn’t reached that part of town yet, they still wet behind the ears on tradition. With that being said, I gave a spot a try that enough folks suggested in the past while I was out on Magazine this past Memorial Day.

The spot was Gris-Gris and here is the issue because honestly it’s not the food. I can tell this place has fucking fantastic food. The problem lies with something as simple as not having a real tradition plate to offer. Too many red bean locations have had so much more to offer with the tradition on Mondays.

RB&R Day 107

1st Problem

What I mean is just throw some fried chicken with it or a fucking pork chop on the mfer. Something to complete the traditional plate on Monday. Can’t forget the cornbread, it has to be there if we dealing with a place that I know can produce good food.

2nd Problem

The second problem I had was you can’t find the smoked sausage in the beans with a search warrant. That just can’t happen unless there is some sort of smoked sausage shortage I haven’t heard about. If not for the stellar taste and temp to these beans, we looking at some basic ass shit.

The Takeaway

Again, this place can make it happen. I believe in it, but we can’t use the excuse of “we got great food, but our red beans are whatever” anymore. The effort has to be there. That is why I’m doing what I’m doing. Raising awareness on tradition. Most folks are hopping on board and I do think Gris-Gris will get the shit together.

HTM Approval

I haven’t not approved many places on this journey, but unfortunately this plate cannot ride that optimistic wave.

  • Missing a traditional meat. (fried chicken, porkchop, turkey neck, additional sausage, anything)
  • No cornbread, no french bread.
  • Infant smoked sausages.
  • Beans were still hard.

For these reasons I cannot approve.

Gris-Gris – Not HTM Approved

Behind The Beans

As per routine…

Breaking Beans!

The Red Bean Badger is coming…

Releaf Med

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HTM Undressed
This Past Sunday Night


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