RB&R Day 108: Tradition By The Hospital

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RB&R Day 108: Leo's Caboose

The greatest tradition in the world gave Leo’s Caboose a shot and I ain’t talking bout a tetanus shot in the ass on RB&R Day 108. I knew we just had to get as far away from Magazine as possible.

I’m talking bout Leo’s Caboose right next to Touro Hospital. Everybody at the hospital knows about this little red building serving hot plates. Turns out, Leo’s Caboose knew all about the tradition as they were waiting on the mfer. Nothing more comfortable than knowing a spot is ready to embrace the greatest tradition in the world.

RB&R Day 108
Leo’s Caboose

Nobody trying to knock ya head off over at Leo’s Caboose. It’s like $9.99 for a plate of tradition with a pork chop and french bread. Things get messy, it’s a smothered pork chop with all the flavor just thrown on top a sea of tradition. One of the best flavored pork chops on the journey and I knew it right when I saw it. We here for a good time baby, not a long time. That’s exactly why I slurped down that kind gesture of a liquid paradise given to me by New Orleans Nutrition at the end of my time by Touro. Good times.

Leo’s Caboose – HTM Approved

Look at this mfer recent compilation


Friendly reminder that all the homies buying Camellia Beans. Only pretenders are buying Blue Runner, disregard that fugazi shit. They’ve also had a major hand in getting the greatest tradition in the world on a shirt.


Behind The Beans

I had Will Stout soaking up the tradition on a second mayo vision along side J Saint making beauty out this red bean journey. Such great fucking memories being captured when you really think about it.

Moments I will cherish forever on video. Red Bean hype videos coming soon.

Shout out DatBoyWolf for embracing tradition.

Fucking love it, as a long time local Twitter user.

High & Hungry?

ReleafMed has great news for all the hungry stoners out there. Three new strains including Titty Sprinkles are now available in medical marijuana shops all over the state.

Use my code “HTM420” at sign up to save $20 and get entered in this rope smoking community. Great vibes, click here to sign up.

Red Bean Note

4 years ago today the on screen pioneer for essentially what I do with this exact segment died and we all miss Anthony Bourdain.


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