RB&R Day 110: The East Never Loses On Monday

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RB&R Day 110: Bullard Seafood

I really can’t get myself outta New Orleans on RB&R Day 110. Not for a second.

Every Monday is the same, I wake up and start thinking about hot plates and how tight I can make this fucking segment that day.

RB&R Day 109

Back To The East

I love Mondays so much I went to the East again to pull up at a spot that TJ_BeEating told me about a few weeks back on tik-tok. Lemme just say this, New Orleans East has yet to let me down on any spot I went to out there for RB&R Day.

  • Smileys, fire
  • Kyzo’s, fire
  • Easy Seafood, fire
  • 2 Sistas, FIRE
RB&R Day 79
  • M&J Soul Food, Fire

I get excited to go to the East for this hot food on Mondays with all that past success. That is exactly why I took my traditional ass to Bullard Seafood on RB&R Day 110. Right next to the Holiday Inn Express. Grab a hot plate, a hooker and a hotel room all in the East.

RB&R Day 110
Bullard Seafood

Everybody pulling up at Bullard Seafood like a daycare. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt that it is a day care too. A seafood/daycare combo operation is the most East shit I’ve ever thought of while typing. Regardless, this place was fucking good.

All the options in front of ya, like Piccadilly. They had baked chicken, fried fish, smothered pork chops and then I saw the BBQ Ribs. That was it for me right there, ribs and beans. I just said give me ribs, beans and cornbread. I spent $10.99 plus taxes and shit. Grabbed a mini coke and took my ass back outside into the depths of hell in Louisiana.

So hot outside crime about to go down. Mfers gonna start using NERF water guns to commit criminal acts around the city.

This Rib

Was a holographic rib. Mfer was breathing out smoke like Charizard. The Red Beans were hitting. I had a little mini pocket cornbread on me the whole time ready to pull it out and party. I mean, that’s what I did… I had a whole tradition party in the East on RB&R Day 110.

Bullard Seafood – HTM Approved

Behind The Beans

As per routine,

Tradition Note

Greatest tradition in the world only because the people who support it every Monday.

Tradition is spreading like a wildfire to other states. Super thankful for that, but doesn’t mean I’m gonna sit here and look at funeral beans. That’s torture, fam.

If ya outta state, Go to Camellia’s website to learn how to make red beans and I’m just trying to help. Camellia knows, buy them in stores if possible or online. Blue Runner is fugazi. Please refrain from sending me pork n beans over yellow rice. Anybody who sends me busted tradition is gonna get cooked on Twitter. That’s natural down here.

Out of town tradition folks,
this could be useful.


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