RB&R Day 111: Breaking Red Bean Records

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Something I never would’ve imagined two years ago happened on RB&R Day 111 this past Monday. 200 shirts w/ a plate of red beans, fried chicken and cornbread sold out before the banks could even open. No shit, I had to step back and re-evaluate my life after that happened.

sold out.

I knew the shirts would do good, but I didn’t think they’d sell like a new fucking playstation. Humbled and grateful to even have that kind of interest in something I never gave up on despite what the views were or how things were going, I never gave up on this shit.

0 likes, keep going.
This was a year ago bro.

I worked so long trying to brand this shit for free that I couldn’t even make a shirt until now. I probably would’ve released a red bean shirt like 5 times by now if it was up to me. Literally, I couldn’t….I was just trying to make it to another day so I could have another opportunity to make this shit hit. That has been the motto for two years now, haha. It’s so sad, but so true man.

A year later

On Monday, I was able to see what I could really do if I keep this machine running. I never achieved much growing up, so yeah this past Monday was one of the biggest days of my life. The proof in the pudding type thing.

Next drop coming a Monday soon. I know all the homies didn’t get to get one so Ima keep dropping till we all full. Thank you everyone.

Algiers Discount

After all that, I took my sold out ass straight to the Westbank. Sold my soul to the Westbank. Home of the most fucked up vehicles. It’s incredible, Idk why they keep building more businesses that aren’t mechanic shops. Every car sounds like it just played a game of twisted metal. Home of the most nail salons and home of Algiers Discount. I felt good about it, ya know to head there.

RB&R Day 111

Place was packed, people pulling up left and right. You know when the Westbank finds a good place to eat they make it routine. Best part about this place has to be the price. $8.99 or some shit for a pretty heavy plate. Tradition, smothered chicken (BUSTIN) and potato salad (idk bout this potato salad fam) for under $10 is a deal.

Algiers Discount – HTM Approved

Behind The Beans

As per routine…

None of this recent success is possible without the people who have rooted for this tradition and the craft I’m working on every day of my life. So many people make a difference in just something as simple as a mfer from New York knowing about what I got going on and then they a supporter. So many hands are responsible for that.

It led me to folks like Camellia Beans, Blue Plate Mayo, Midas, Releaf Med, Fred’s, The Rambler and the list goes on and on of people who have believed in me enough to help. S/O Queen just because.

All this is has continued to tie itself together to achieve a Monday where we broke red bean records.

God Bless You All & tell Dyson Daniels call me.

Oh yeah, I turned 30 on June 25th.

I feel old as fuck, back appt made.


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