RB&R Day 123: Fried Chicken & Red Beans

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All we got is red beans after a Saints loss and that’s why I took my sad ass straight to Chubbie’s Chicken on RB&R Day 123.

If ya wanna catch some peace and clarity sometimes you gotta go to the Westbank. Home of the most empty parking lots and uncertain businesses. It look like a parking lot out Chernobyl. Chubbie’s is not one of those uncertain businesses, it’s just surrounded by many. All in one strip you got a Dollar General, Auto Zone, Westbank Cross Fit and a nail salon. You gonna see a line stretching out to the street and that’s how you know Chubbie’s ain’t playing no games with ya. They just started opening up on Mondays and that was what I needed to hear.

Algiers Finest

Let’s start by saying this has to be the greatest fried chicken on the Westbank. Don’t get me wrong, Fraziers was really fucking good…but this Chubbie’s Chicken just feels like God’s fried chicken.

You gonna think about Popeye’s at least once while eating it, but I’ve already confirmed there is no connection. Fella who made the chicken has never hung out with Al Copeland.

I paid a little extra to get Fried Chicken on my tradition plate and it was worth every single extra cent.

  • Red Beans
  • Smoked Sausage
  • Biscuit (fucking unbelievable)
  • Salad (respect ya body)
  • Fried Chicken

I was right under $15 for all that. Without the fried chicken (which you’d have to be a stone cold idiot not to get) it’s $9.99 for the tradition plate. Plenty of room to maneuver around and talk about ya food in the empty parking lot area nearby. Don’t wanna walk in? Go sit in the drive-thru like the 20 people were doing on Monday. This place putting out heat.

Brian Kelly On Em’

You wanna win in life? Eat ya tradition. I know Brian Kelly on a red bean plan right now and it’s working the fuck out.

The red beans ain’t gonna make ya call nobody, but when that chicken is combo’d with the red beans we really got something special. As per routine, I enjoyed my day on the Westbank. Idk what it is about them folks and their food, but it’s really top tier. Happy for the Westbank.

Mike Evans would never.

Chubbie’s Chicken – HTM Approved

City Tradition

This past Monday I released the City Tradition pocket shirts. Black and gold with a hot plate on the back. Looks like we sold out, but they may come back again one Monday soon. Tradition is doing nice authentic things right now. All I’m doing is going to lunch, but the people serving me lunch are benefitting and that makes me smile.

So many times on this journey I had to borrow money or get somebody to spot me so I could make my videos. I mean I remember it like it was yesterday.

A pure struggle while I tried to get tradition out there. Every struggle was worth it and it is nice to see it pay off for these spots I’ve been going. God don’t make mistakes.

The Lord’s Day

HTM 283

Sub to HTM Undressed on Apple & Spotify if ya not into watching shit on YouTube. Live every Lord’s Day after the Saints game.


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