RB&R Day 124: We Don’t Lose On This Tradition

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RB&R Day 124

It’s RB&R Day 124 and we better on the beans. Idk what the Saints been eating on Monday, but it’s time to take this tradition to the heart. We better on the beans.

Not gonna get better eating Chipotle.

I ain’t asking nobody to eat a street possum.

We just gotta do better. Speaking of doing better, Juneau’s in Marrero was the stop yesterday. Heard nothing but fantastic things bout the place and got plenty suggestions saying head over there.

Only thing they didn’t tell me is to bring a schoolbag of salt with me when I go out there. In my 124 Mondays of tradition, this was the blandest plate of tradition I’ve ever received. Couldn’t find salt w/ a search warrant.

Hands down it tasted like somebody poured a bucket of water on top the mfer before they served it. Will forever be known as the Ozarka Beans. This a place I’d tell Kirk Cousins or Colin Cowherd to go eat red beans at.

RB&R Day 124


Both literally and mentally, I was pissed off for going out there sweating my nuts off only to taste a spoon full of nothing. Essentially drove to the Westbank for a fried pork chop. (that bitch was good though)

If you only cooking for old folks, please put it on the lunch special menu. I pissed this tradition outta me in two hours, then started looking for more because I don’t lose on Mondays like that.

Juneau’s – Not HTM Approved

Big Little Kitchen

I had to hit up my girl Chelsea and tell her I needed traditional relief after that disaster a few hours prior, so I took my ass to Evangeline Lounge where she got a whole kitchen pushing plates. Easy decision, effective decision and the red beans were back just like that.

RB&R Day 124
Big Little Kitchen
(inside Evangaline Lounge)

At that point we were cooking with hot grease.

  • Red Beans
  • Cornbread
  • Top Notch Wings

All right around the corner from me at one of my favorite places to go drink, Evangeline Lounge. Right off Toulouse street.

Big Little Kitchen – HTM Approved

Respect Ya Body

No settling for mediocre down here on Monday, gotta respect ya body and do what ya gotta do. Greatest place to eat in the world, nobody wanna be tasting nothing at all when they eat in New Orleans.

I just want our pro football team to be on the same page. This the tradition of all traditions. The benefits are impeccable once you get on a red bean plan. Throw better, tackle better, kick better, read defenses better…

It all starts on Monday.

Best part is, you can start next Monday.

The season runs all year long and tradition is undefeated last time I checked.


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