RB&R Day 125: Refs Would Never

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RB&R Day 125

Three straight L’s lead us to another W on RB&R Day 125. No flags thrown on this tradition, the only yellow you gonna see is cornbread baby.

Idc if ya just got outta prison, Red Beans gonna make you feel like ya never went. It’s the ultimate recoup meal on a Monday.


Harahan is the home of the most senior citizens and what I know as a major salt shortage. It’s like Mandeville & Metairie fucked and had a baby named Harahan. One quiet ass place, you can hear anything out here. If you look deep enough in this city, you’ll find Rosemary & Roux. For $11.95, this lady gonna pack a plate like a JanSport school bag in high school. This was easily my favorite place I’ve been to in Harahan. It was dead as Babe Ruth in this mfer, but you can’t let that make ya decision.

  • A mountain of tradition
  • Museum piece of fried fish or pork chop
  • Cornbread made from the heart

All included in one plate. That cornbread was something. Monumental portions that were not lacking flavor.

RB&R Day 125

I don’t tell anybody where I’m going, especially the establishment that I plan on going to on Mondays. I’m like a ninja on this shit, I want the real experience everybody else gets. However, the folks at Rosemary & Roux been keeping up with RB&R Day. They were ready for their day and that day happened to be yesterday. This place blows Red Wagon & Colonial Lanes out the parking lot. Idk why nobody was there, but I’m cool with that cause I like the space when filming.

Rosemary & Roux HTM Approved

Tradition Lives

I’m just a mfer who wanted to bring the awareness to tradition on today’s social media waves. Folks weren’t giving it the true obsession it deserves two plus years ago when I started all this. But, that doesn’t mean they weren’t embracing it on their own time. Growing up I had red beans so much that I couldn’t stand that my Dad always said that was what’s for dinner on a Monday. As I grew older, that all changed. This is a sacred tradition that goes way back. It’s a vital root of our people since forever.


Which is exactly why Auburn and other schools should stay away from trying to make it or get somebody from here to handle that. A for effort, but that effort can still be disrespectful and disgusting.

Listen to Jacob Hester

Behind The Beans

As per routine…

Another day of tradition in the books and another Monday we were able to forget about our losses. Greatest tradition in the world.


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