RB&R Day 137: The OG Donut Shop Has Hot Plates Too

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RB&R Day 137

I just knew that I had something on RB&R Day 137 as soon as I thought about going to Tastee’s on Loyola in Kenner. Use to work at Lamarque Ford nearby for five years and this was a place we utilized often. One thing about the car biz, you gonna eat fucking everywhere all the time.


Ya gonna walk into chaos and a long wait, but this may be the greatest Tastee’s on the planet. A whole arsenal of creative donuts and options over here. The fact that I waited 136 Mondays on this journey to go makes me sad, but this place worth every minute of ya time.

You Can Expect

  • a long line of hungry people
  • tons of fucking donuts
    • Banana Pudding
    • Oreo
    • Smores
    • Wedding Cake
    • You name it
  • hot plate lunch specials
  • low prices for big value


Tastee’s is like an ole loyal relative. Always there when ya need em, even there for ya when ya don’t want anything to do with em. Will pick ya up in a 1997 gold Ford Taurus, low miles. They made it through the evolution of donut shops as many came and went. All these new social media donuts and donut technology, but Tastee’s is still here ready for service. I’m so proud of Tastee’s as somebody that grew up eating here and still buy my donuts from the mfers. They could’ve died out, gave up or put little effort into evolving and that is the last thing that actually happened. Idk how they find time to make all these donuts and food with only two workers it is honestly so fucking impressive.

The people who from here are loyal to this establishment. You’ll prolly see somebody ya know every single time ya go. Idk it is just a feeling of simplicity and nostalgia for me. Only certain things in life can give you that feeling.

RB&R Day 137
Tastee’s Donuts

A little hair in my plate couldn’t stop me from respecting the fuck outta Tastee’s on RB&R Day 137. They deserve all the fucking glory and the red beans were steaming hot, delicious. Dog bread hitting. A nice piece of nemo for a donut shop and a salad to respect ya body with before ya disrespect it with a banana pudding donut. Ain’t nobody leaving Tastee’s unhappy or you just a miserable fucking person.

Tastee’s Donuts – HTM Approved

Beer Choice – Abita Jockamo Juicy IPA

Pels Win on RB&R Day

Capped off the 137th RB&R Day at the blender last night. You knew a W was in store.

Lemme just tell ya, this whole fucking basketball team (what was available of it) was on the beans like they went to Tastee’s.

After a tragedy at Frank’s last Monday, this Monday turned out as close to perfect as perfect can be. In other groundbreaking news, I am now at 24 whole hours without smoking a cigarette.

Told myself I’d quit at 30 years old and I’m 30 1/2 years old right now. It fucking sucks and I feel like a fucking weird Alien right now. First ever RB&R Day without smoking a cig.

On/Off Beans List

The weekly on/off beans list are out.

Buy a fucking snapback and keep a look out for that new red bean Mardi Gras shirt that will drop in January.


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