RB&R Day 138: Red Beans & Frog Legs

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RB&R Day 138

Been to Belle Chasse like once in my life and the second time came on RB&R Day 138 looking for a hot plate. Why Belle Chasse Devin? It just made sense and I respected my body on the decision. Speaking of respect ya body, I’m 8 days off joes and my lungs feel like the lungs of a blue whale.

The very first plate of 2023.

I always say, drop me off in the middle of anywhere and ima find that food. Idk why anybody would even go to Belle Chasse, but I’m still the guy to find out the reasons why ya would. I like that awkward feeling of where the fuck am I at right now. Belle Chasse seems like a nice place to hide a body or just go sit down in some grass and meditate. Tons of election vote for this guy signs out here. Won’t find a piece of trash on the ground with a search warrant. However, I did observe plenty of little spots serving hot food out there. Pepper on 23 was the selection.

Right next to a cemetery and a ton of open space, Pepper on 23 is home of many lunch specials and the sweet heat frog legs. Never had frog before, so I was game af to try some. Anytime a place got the white sign with black letters out front and it just says this…

I just appreciate that awareness for tradition.

RB&R Day 138
Pepper on 23


$11.50 gonna get you a plate of tradition with a golden fried pork chop and some Belle Chasse french bread. Throw two Bo Jackson thigh frog legs in there for another $9 and you out the door with a hot plate and some frogs for under $20. I ain’t mad at them people for that. Nice little tasty plate, wish they had cornbread is all ima say bout that & I need folks to feed me vegetables so I can respect my body.

Famous Frogs

I fuck with the following frogs:

  • Kermit
  • The WB Frog
  • Frogger
  • Jeremiah the Bullfrog

Just wanted to put that on record.

Overall, I gotta approve this little spot. Quick & friendly service, with some solid food and frogs. I’ll be back to Belle Chasse one day down the road.

Pepper on 23HTM Approved

Beer Abita Amber

On a day

That both LSU & Tulane were on the beans making big statements in bowl games. Red Beans & Bowl Games is an easy formula for any Louisiana team to come out victorious.

On/Off Beans

Weekly on & off the beans lists were put out before the games on Monday morning.

Dropping Soon

Potentially as soon as next Monday the Mardi Gras tradition shirts will be available for order. What a beautiful rendition of the hot plate.

I’ll have em to ya before Mardi Gras weekend. Buy a snapback until then to get ya head right for 2023, all I can tell ya.


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