RB&R Day 139: Red Rooster

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Went to this place 101 Mondays ago when nobody was watching and decided to head back for RB&R Day 139.

Things are different in New Orleans. Go to a snowball stand like Red Rooster and you’ll have the following options available.

  • Red Beans
  • Gumbo
  • Yakamein
  • Poboys
  • Meat pies
  • Seafood
  • Hot Plates

So Special

I mean this is not an ordinary snowball experience. This is a snowball experience on fucking steroids. Yesterday, I got a red bean hot plate with chicken wings for $8.00 in this economy. Wanna get over the Saints 7-10 season? This the place. It’ll make ya forget about it like it happened over 20 years ago. This place Red Rooster been around since 1977. Yes, these mfers been here since Elvis croaked. They been here since Star Wars first hit the big screen and lemme tell ya they swinging their sabers. Right across the street from the old Magnolia Projects. Through the prime of the crack/cocaine epidemic, Red Rooster was there to give a mfer a hot plate and a snowball. Baby’s Snack Box vibes for sure, wanted to mention.

RB&R Day 38
101 Mondays ago

Something about a little vibrant place that looks like a regular house makes me wanna eat whatever they cooking. You gonna get three chicken wings, but they hot as the devils asscheeks and with only three in the plate you gotta dissect these wings. Eat every single bite you can see and find.

RB&R Day 139
Red Rooster

Full 3:00 Video

3:15 video

Lots of folks were commenting asking what kind of snowball is that? It was not a pickle snowball, I’m not a fucking lunatic. Mardi Gras was the flavor and it was actually exceptional. Also, saw a lot of folks asking what is Yakamein? I first started dabbling with Yakamein years ago when Cedric the Pie Man would drop it off at the dealership I was working at like clockwork.

Cedric The Pie Man

Pretty much a beef and noodle soup (traditional Chinese) that is more than available at creole spots in New Orleans. Never met a soul that didn’t like Yakamein. Red Rooster is an elite, buy whatever you want and stay under $20 experience.

Red Rooster – HTM Approved

Snowball – Mardi Gras

Beer Selection – Abita Andygator

100 Years

Happy Birthday Camellia Beans. 100 years of elite red beans and my dear sponsors for nearly a year now. It was never blue runner, it was most certainly always Camellia.

Mardi Gras Tradition

200 folks pulled up for the merch drop on Monday at 7am. Sold out in less than an hour and that is something I can’t take for granted.

Over 100k in merch sales since June and without being generic or cliche, I owe it all to the fucking loyal people who support what I do. Yesterday was a good day, RB&R Day always treats me well.


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