RB&R Day 140: Chicken’s Kitchen, The Disney World Of Hot Plates

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Getting out my vehicle on RB&R Day 140 sent a feeling of exhilaration through my body. It’s like walking through the gates of Magic Kingdom once you get to Chicken’s Kitchen.

No place more magical on the Westbank and certainly should be declared the Westbank’s capital building.

woke up thinking bout it on Monday

No for real, it’s like showing up at a VIP hot plate night club. Gotta get there early or you’ll be standing in line with no fast pass, but that has to tell ya all ya need to know.

More options than Amazon prime in this mfer and it’s impossible to pick one that won’t work out. The food is obviously incredible, but it’s the atmosphere over at Chicken’s Kitchen for me. After 140 plates of red beans, atmosphere is everything to me. Who is around the place, are they characters, what’s it like walking in the place, how is the hospitality and what makes this place stand out? All things I’m observing just as much as what is in the plate. Chicken’s Kitchen passes all the tests.

RB&R Day 140
Chicken’s Kitchen

I don’t take many vacations, but this felt like one. Tons of RB&R Day supporters pulling up from all directions, people just know about this place. The same man who pay the light bills is cooking this impeccable food and serving it. One look at Marlon’s arms and you can tell this man been picking up hot plates for decades. They say never trust a skinny chef and I firmly believe in that shit cause lord knows I can’t cook shit.

RB&R Day 140
Full 3:24 video
  • Fried Catfish
  • RB&R filled with sausage
  • Big ass brick of cornbread
  • Seafood Pepper Balls
    • Stuffed bell pepper inside a fried ball for anybody asking wtf a pepper ball is, I just ate one this morning.
  • Lasagna
  • Roast
  • Cake Lady
  • 4 flavors of kool-aid

The options are endless on just a Monday. It’s crazy man, idk what to tell ya other than get in the vehicle and press the gas.

Chicken’s Kitchen didn’t need any publicity, lemme tell ya that. But, for anybody who didn’t know? Now ya know this is not a drill, it’s a full blown hot plate experience over in Gretna. My favorite was when the dude jumped in the video like he just won the MVP award and shouted out his momma. You can’t coach that Westbank mentality.

Chicken’s Kitchen – HTM Approved

Beer – Abita Mardi Gras Bock

Mardi Gras Merch

Two Mondays in a row sold out, gonna have them back in stock this upcoming Monday at 7am central. Gotta wake up for this tradition.


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