RB&R Day 141: Hahnville Hot Plates

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Made the outlandish decision to hit up Hahnville on RB&R Day 141. Branching out is tight, drop me off somewhere I’ve never been in my life. Hahnville, for example.

I know I never been there before, just heard about their football team growing up. Dudes like Laron Landry and shit went to high school there & that is where my knowledge of Hahnville ends.


Just a few times, folks have sent me intel on this place Ace’s in Hahnville. I had enough details to know that this could be the greatest place to eat out there. Driving out in Hahnville was interesting. Everybody cuts their grass to perfection. I’ve never seen such well cut grass. Everything is neat as fuck, looks like a sims created town out here. They got houses, trailer parks, mansions and Valero stations. Sometimes it’s hard for me to fathom that these type towns are just 25 minutes away from New Orleans.

Pull up and people walking out with hot plates. Knew something was cooking that was sincere. Walked in the mfer and they had a line of about 15 people waiting to pick up the daily special. Everybody was a worker of some kind, looked like some honest blue collar mfers working their asses off and stopping for some good food.

RB&R Day 141
  • Red Beans
  • Smothered Pork Chop
  • Little Salad, RYB
  • Piece of cake (snicker doodle?)
  • 1 big ass lemonade

Everything I consumed here was fucking fantastic. Wasn’t a single bite of that pork chop that didn’t hit, such a good chop. It was like the aunt you have that cooks the best opened up her home to the public. Very much home cooking and just a tasty time.

Ace’s in Hahnville – HTM Approved

Beer – Abita Light (respect ya body)

Abita Beer Chart

Merch Update

Sold out of Mardi Gras tradition shirts again on Monday. Got some cool shit from Blue Plate to throw in those packages.

I’ll have more shit in stock next Monday,

maybe even RYB shirts.


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