RB&R Day 144: Hammond Would Like A Word

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Before we get to Hammond on RB&R Day 144, let’s talk about the last two Mondays that I didn’t blog about. Flashback two weeks ago to when I went to Gulfport, MS for a full blown adventure at Cajun’s Fabulous Fried Chicken. Lemme tell ya, this is like going to a mega hot plate buffet. Everybody walking out happy as shit.

RB&R Day 142

RB&R Day 142
Cajun’s Fabulous Fried Chicken

Unforgettable Monday in Mississippi, I have nothing but fucking fantastic things to say about this place. One of the best Mondays on my journey and I spent like $12 for all that grub, walked out like I stole it.

RB&R Day 142

Mississippi wrote about me before Louisiana!

Cajun’s Fabulous Fried Chicken – HTM Approved

Beer – Abita Turbo Dog

RB&R Day 143

Took a few stops in Slidell, but found one.

RB&R Day 143

The key word for Southside Cafe is EXPERIENCE. This place looks like if Joe’s Crab Shack fucked Fudpuckers on the outside. Just a very luring, green building basically begging you to walk inside. Once you do it’s like being at a place you’d see on television. First of all, everybody in Slidell is at this place. The people who run it are exceptional folks from the owner to the people cooking the food.

  • Red Beans
  • Beet Salads
  • French Toast Sticks
  • Bread Pudding

I felt like I ate 40lbs of food at this place. Nothing there was bad to me and you could spend a whole night there just getting blasted eating food.

Southside Cafe – HTM Approved

Beer – Abita ROOTBEER

RB&R Day 144

Ok, so yesterday was unique. I took tradition to Hammond, Louisiana. I know folks weren’t expecting this move.

Football season is over, but Red Bean season just getting started. Put ya chinstrap on and lock in.

Go get you a Kubota equipment truck in Hammond. Type of place you prolly got a cousin or something living out there. Every time y’all talk ya cousin tells ya how much they love Hammond. It’s basically the Westbank of the Northshore. You can find RV’s, Jesus and maybe some good weed out in Hammond. Overall, I like Hammond.

SuperKing Seafood was the first spot I chose in Hammond and the place seems popular in that area. Not a single parking spot available when I pulled up, you can smell the crawfish breathing in this mfer.

  • Red Bean plate was only $8
  • Snagged 7lbs of crawfish too

The cornbread had an anxiety attack.

This place may not have the most impactful red beans, but they got some fried fish on them that is worthy of noting. I don’t really have a ton to say about this establishment other than it was more than okay.

Hammond looks like the 50’s, but a breath of fresh air and decent experience. I can approve these folks.

SuperKing Seafood- HTM Approved

Beer – Abita Strawgator (8% to the head)

Nothing But Time

With RB&R Day 144 in the books, I just wanna mention that I have nothing but time. Yep, time to go everywhere in the state. It’ll happen. Also, I brewed a red bean ale last week at Abita. Currently fermenting and we will check back on this beverage in a week or something.

shout out to my boy Don

Greatest Tradition in the World


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