RB&R Day 146: The Gumbo Man Got Red Beans

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Going to The Gumbo Man on RB&R Day 146 may have seemed like a reach from a distance, but the only thing I was reaching for was some fucking napkins in the end.

Algiers baby, home of the most daycares. If you can’t find somebody to watch ya kid in Algiers, ya kid prolly a lil demon. Just in this one Algiers vicinity lies Chubbie’s Chicken, The Gumbo Man, Mr. B’s and SGM mart. All are cherished in the area.

The Gumbo Man

Walk into Gumbo Man’s place and you gonna see Gumbo himself. Legit, one of the nicest gentleman you’ll ever meet in ya life. He use to play pro football, but his love is cooking good food. This man fed me like a football player and swore by these t-bones before I ordered. Showed em to me, he had em stowed away like they were in a special vault. Then, Gumbo tells me he knows Cedric The Pie Man and use to work with him.

RB&R Day 116
The Pie Man (click here)

Gumbo Man talking bout The Pie Man? The same Pie Man that pulled up with elite hot plates every day when I worked in the car business? Oh boy.

RB&R Day 146
full vid on YT
  • Red Beans
  • Potato Salad

Everything was absolutely fantastic. Gumbo then led me to Mr. B’s where they dishing out GLAZED BEIGNETS! Baw, you wanna talk about diabetes being worth it? Eat one of them glazed beignets over at Mr. B’s you won’t give a single shit bout respecting ya body.

An Algiers A+ experience.

The Gumbo Man – HTM Approved

Beer – Abita French Toast Stout

On The Same Day

As I’m getting into my truck after filming at Gumbo Man, I see a man I’ve followed for years on twitter repping RB&R Day. What’s understood don’t have to be explained, nothing but respect when it comes to Big Cat. Here is a guy that I’ve learned a lot about the industry from a distance over the years.

The hat is in stock below this blog, another day of tradition in the books. 146 Mondays in a row, coming up on three years. My haters in a casket rn.


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