RB&R Day 147: Bogalusa On Them Beans?

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It’s understandable to scratch ya head seeing that I went to Bogalusa for RB&R Day 147.

Anytime Bogalusa gets brought up on the internet, it’s usually for some Bogalusa ass shit. Nobody has anything nice to say about this place man.

In fact, God was trying to tell me not to go to Bogalusa on my way there.

My truck overheated and became incapable of operation about 30 minutes into the trip from New Orleans to Bogalusa. My shit was gonna blow up. I had to call a favor into Matt Bowers in Slidell.

Flawless improvisation led to the trip continuing in a Chevy rental truck. Nothing can stop tradition.


Home of the most Dollar Generals and the paper mill that makes the place smell like dinosaur piss. Might see a few mid-size 2001 Chevy’s on 22’s riding around. The place looks like they built it 100 years ago and ran outta ideas, never touched it again.


I drove around enough this past Monday to know that Bogalusa has some good food lurking in the area. I decided to stop at this little red place called Coach’s Poboys. Right in the heart of Bogalusa’s main strip.

RB&R Day 147

Not gonna lie, this place got something going on. A menu as long as the bible and idk I just like the look of the place.

RB&R Day 147

Nice ass people in there, they eventually asked me if I was a YouTuber. I was like nah dude I just eat red beans at a different spot the last 147 Mondays. From there they were in, but let’s talk about the food.

  • Fried Porkchop (very tasty)
  • Red Beans & Rice (need salt)
    • I understand there is a ton of old people out there, but we gotta stop this no salt at all shit on their behalf.
  • Cornbread
  • Potato Salad

A very heavy plate, a very hearty plate. Other than the salt shortage, they got it going on. Tons of food here.

Ima approve this place based off the experience, the Owner of the spot out there tryna make an impact. I thought it was hilarious and very Bogalusa of him to be walking around with a heater on his waist. Every element of Bogalusa just came together at once. The smell started to go away and I was able to enjoy a nice meal.

Coach’s Poboys – HTM Approved

Beer – Abita Alpha Gator (so good)

Red Bean Beer

Btw, check out my new red bean ale over at Abita Brewery. It’s limited time available and exclusively only at the brewery. You can go there, tell them fill you up a big ass bottle and take it home. I drank three yesterday and they were fucking delicious.

Merch sold out again Monday after I released a short commercial. Will have more in stock one Monday soon.


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