RB&R Day 34: High Like Ricky Williams On The Tradition

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Sticking to my roots and not changing for nobody as RB&R Day 34 smacks the concrete with an impact of tradition. Dunking on the beans like Shaq, high on the beans like Ricky. Ya can’t replace this vibe, especially after the who dat nation prevails. Most definitely as the nation marches into combat on Poydras street against those filthy Bears. Chicago tradition?

No beans for Bears fans.
This their tradition.

Ain’t nobody forgot about them nasty signs and the fugazis ya sent us like Ditka.

As tradition was routinely practiced today, those were the thoughts running through my head. We haven’t forgotten.


Ernst Cafe
RB&R Day 34

With all this on the brain, undoubtedly I had to take my thoughtful ass over to South Peters for a taste of tradition. Ernst Cafe makes the list and lemme tell ya, not disappointed.

Ernst Cafe on the right corner, burner.

Little pricy, not much going on inside or outside, but the plate was nothing to bark at like it owes ya something. Tasty little plate.

still small, not everyone gets to see the tradition. thank ya T-Bob for RT and supporting the RB&R movement, means a lot and helps ya boy out. Won’t forget, much love. TRADITION 34

One fantastic serving of tradition. Red Bean Rankings are back next week on RB&R Day. The 35th edition will be followed by the top 15 pots. Tradition wins again.

RB&R Day 33
Larry Bird with the beans.

Behind The Beans

As always, the chaos to make this happen.

nothing easy lawd

Ya can’t even practice good tradition without a fantastic roof. I know the fellas who install fantastic roofs. Not just that, they great folks that ya wanna deal with when it comes to putting something over ya head.


All Around Roofing and thank mayo later.


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