RB&R Day 35: Another Corner Burner Boomin, Heard Dat?

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RB&R Day 35, Red Bean Rankings are back.

Red beans and rice got the most swag as we back in the gym practicing tradition on RB&R Day 35 in New Orleans. Exclusively in New Orleans, Heard Dat? Look, this tradition so loud I had to bring my traditional ass to Heard Dat Kitchen to grab a plate.

Had a buddy named Bosh who has taken a talent to finding some low key bean burners. Fella tried to get me to head over to some place Juvenile eats beans at regularly. Maybe next time. Heard Dat from what I could gather is ran and founded by this locally talented gentleman named Jeffery Heard. Ya heard it here, Jeffery can cook.

Jeffery has a variety of heat.

If ya go look at his instagram, ya can instantly tell that Jeffery has devoted his life to cooking straight dank ass soul food.


Mayo is instantly a fan and this was probably some of the most excited I had been to actually run an entire RB&R experience on a place. People know about it, but more need to know type of thing. Like tradition?

The RB&R List

These types of people and places are sacred to the city of New Orleans. Pure commitment to our greatest treasure, grub.

The plate today?

  • RB&R
  • Fried Chicken (we will talk)
  • Salad
  • Bread
  • $12.00
RB&R Day 35
Heard Dat Kitchen

That fried chicken is kicking podna!

It ranks with the likes of:

  • Morrow’s

and honestly those were my two favorite until I walked into the Heard Dat Kitchen. Now we just talking fried chicken, but one cannot deny the impact of some fantastic fried chicken with the tradition. Heard Dat Kitchen has that impact. (didn’t eat salad cause I personally forgot to tell them Italian dressing and that’s on me)

Overall it was fan-fucking-tastic.

Red Bean Rankings

  1. Liuzza’s By The Track (click here)
  2. Cooter Brown’s Tavern (tenacious)
  3. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  4. Frady’s One Stop
  5. Juniors On Harrison
  6. Melba’s
  7. Nola Poboys
  8. Broad & Banks Street Seafood
  9. Heard Dat Kitchen
  10. Lakeview Brew
  11. Hobnobbers
  12. Mother’s
  13. Sammy’s Food Service
  14. Cafe 615 “Home Of Da Wabbit”
  15. Verti-Marte

& that is where ima stop this evening. After the 40th tradition stop keep an eye out for the top 20 pots from the journey. From there it’ll just be living and whoever can stay/enter the top 20 will be considered legendary pots on this end.

What a beautiful journey it has been.

Behind The Beans

Every week mayo releases a segment called “Behind The Beans” that puts the process of making this shit on spotlight for a minute or two. Nothing is easy for mayo ever. Nice to see the struggle in action.

Ya can’t even get on track with tradition if ya don’t have a good roof over ya head. Most people practice in their own homes and I’d hate to see leaks getting in ya beans.

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