RB&R Day 36: Tradition Is Here To Stay

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RB&R Day 36

Tradition isn’t retiring or going anywhere on RB&R Day 36 from the greatest city in the world. Lemme start with addressing my thoughts just 24 hours removed from another dick kicking let down.

Also, on the flip side…

RB&R Day 36

Today was somewhat scheduled on the mayo calendar. Rene, from Hogs For The Cause dm’d me several weeks ago saying he wanted to prepare a pot of beans for SpreadQuarters.

I believe in this gentleman’s culinary talent or I would not have entertained it. Today’s beans? Free and exactly what I thought they would be, elegantly tasty. Fantastic pot of beans if I do say so myself.

Lotta knowledge in these beans.

All from scratch and I’ve answered this question several times today, NO they are not available for sale. Neither is this photo…

Honestly, don’t even know what to tell ya other than that and also, the fella above is indeed who cooked the pot. Figured I’d showcase the actual hands behind the beans. Here goes the red bean promo.

RB&R Day 36

Next week I’m headed to another tradition establishment in the streets to get a 37th taste. It’ll never end, thankfully.

RB&R Day 30
“tradition gets robbed”

If ya missed RB&R rankings last week after the 35th pot? Don’t worry ya fucking worry warts. I gotcha, click right here.

Behind The Beans

As always, behind the pot looks like:

Boucaner Red Wine
(click here)

Thoroughly enjoying the struggle.

If ya struggling practicing ya tradition because ya roof has went to absolute shit? Then ya may wanna call All Around Roofing like when the sun rises tomorrow morning. Them folks gonna take care of ya.

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Posted by All Around Roofing on Tuesday, January 5, 2021


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