RB&R Day 39: Ray’s On The Avenue Got A Little Sumthin For Ya

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RB&R Day 39: Ray's On The Avenue

Lawdy we bout to be 40 as RB&R Day 39 turns the corner on Broad street to see what this $5.50 plate of tradition is all about. Mayo isn’t in any shape to be spending anything over $10 flat on RB&R, so this was a deal rumor that struck me right in my ass. It could’ve tasted like complete and utter shit, but still been a bold principle in local value. Let’s see how we looking.

Ray’s On The Avenue

One of my writing friends, Marielle (her recent work) has been talking bout this $5.00 plate for a couple weeks now. Last time mayo went after a $5.00 plate it was nothing short of spectacular and currently the #5 plate in the rankings.

(Juniors On Harrison)

The RB&R Rankings as of last week.

Some specs on Ray’s, the 39th RB&R stop.

Mayo On The Avenue…
  • Called seven times, no answer.
  • Not a soul in there at 12:45.
  • Beautiful facility, imagine it packed.
  • TV’s were blaring USA, law and order.
  • Saw the chef go walk in the kitchen and make my order, which I thought was dope, but yeah that’s dope.
  • $6.50 OUT THE DOOR.
  • Nice go and grab meal.
  • No spoon.
  • Butter.
RB&R Day 39 Promo from SQ
(sub HTM on YouTube)

No real knock on this place, other than I just don’t fuck with buttery beans. That’s just mayo, not saying folks won’t enjoy their plate. Early during the RB&R journey, Dolly’s had the same type taste when it comes to that butter. The value is there though and my grandma would probably tell me to stop bitching and eat it.

my phone stand for filming this week.

No rankings till next week on the 40th plate.

Behind The Beans

I vow to release this every Monday.

Behind The Beans
RB&R Day 39

I’m gonna upload every RB&R promo and BTB on YouTube for easy access to look back at for anyone interested. Just another step towards maximum organization.

Not Possible…

Remember, ya absolutely by no means can practice tradition without a good roof. So, take ya head out ya ass and call All Around Roofing. Also, while ya over there working out the kinks on ya abandoned roof, make sure ya consider the inner organs.

Look, I’m no foam god, but I know nobody wants to hear their neighbors smushing or talking shit. If ya feel like ya shouting in a cave, call the pros at Insulation Installers. Both of these fine companies are recommended and approved by HTM.

As well as every last one of these…

See y’all tomorrow night on HTM Undressed 187.

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