RB&R Day 40: The Coldest Tradition In The World

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RB&R Day 40: Felix's On The Lakefront

The greatest tradition in the world turned coldest tradition in the world on RB&R Day 40 in New Orleans. First thing first.

It’s blasting titties in Louisiana.

Tradition Ain’t Easy

Didn’t wake up today thinking tradition would be such a fucking task. However, leave it up to the unconcerned folks at Dooky Chase Restaurant to make something simple so complicated.

Behind The Beans
RB&R Day 40

Called quite a few places. Look, they all gonna be on the tradition train here shortly. Give it like another year and some profit opportunity exceeding current and them hands will be glued on the phones.

Every dollar goes towards raising more tradition awareness.

America, it ain’t hot till somebody else say it is.

Felix’s On The Lakefront

See ya later Dooky. I’ve found a feeling of content with my selection today. Felix’s On The Lakefront was only eight minutes away from me. Almost a dream come true considering the chance of turning into a fucking push pop outside.


Most common local folks know about Felix’s the restaurant, but this is the lakefront location. Best way to explain it is the windiest location you could ever pick up tradition in these conditions.

Tradition 40
Cold or Hot
Get The Pot.

12 items under $12 at Felix’s for the lunch special. One of those options was indeed the tradition we look for on Mondays.

  • Decent value, can’t complain.
  • RB&R
  • Smoked sausage.
  • 4 catfish strips.
  • Flavor is there.
  • Low portion (catfish helps it)
  • Solid lunch if ya in Lakeview.
RB&R Day Promo

Anybody that usually gives out that plastic tin to-go thing indicates it won’t be a big portion. That is my only like somewhat complaint here, but by no means does it mean don’t go snag this tradition. The flavor and it’s just enough to validate a lunch. Like, just enough.

Red Bean Rankings

With 40 locations down the traditional hole it’s time for more Red Bean Rankings from SpreadQuarters. The last rankings had Cooter Brown’s jump up to the top plate outta all contenders. This week that won’t change, but does anything else? Let’s do tiers this week.

I’ll never stop saying it. Ya CANNOT practice tradition without a good roof, chief. If ya got holes and vacancies in ya roof today, ya most likely not thinking about tradition. More like a fucking sweater, several.

Insulation sucks? Call the insulation installers.

Call the local professionals at All Around Roofing for a new roof estimate. Financing is no doubt available and again, ya dealing with the best in the state.


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