RB&R Day 41: Tradition Carries The Rock In New Orleans

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RB&R Day 41

Tradition just may go all the way on RB&R Day 41 in New Orleans. The frontrunner, MVP, and most influential player in the game is the three responses ya get from me on Red Beans and Rice. Ya know what can low-key ruin a nice plate? Bad value. Greed over something so simple.

another plate, another corner.

High prices and lack of understanding that this is a mainstay in New Orleans. Don’t overcharge for it and sleep at night when GOOD FOLKS over on Tulane are exposing that selfishness. It’s true, everybody gotta make a dollar, but it don’t have to be too many dollars on this most sacred plate in the state. Mayo won’t pay over $12 at this point or any tradition.

Who knows value best outta 41?

The Brown Derby

The Original Brown Derby
3326 Tulane

Yes, the original Brown Derby. We ain’t in Magic Kingdom sweetheart, but these folks prolly got a mickey head ice cream bar. Wouldn’t shock me as they got fucking everything in this joint.

Let’s talk experience.

so authentic.
  • 6 mins from the crib, I could walk to the tradition if need be.
  • just walk in and pick it out, no calls.
  • comfortable folks working there.
    • nice as can be, honestly.
  • two sizes available for ya plate.
    • small = $3.99
    • large = $5.99

Did anyone stutter? Nah. That is real life value from the greatest city in the world. Each plate comes with a meat of choice and a cold drink. Look, how can this not mean something to ya? Fuck some taste, or basically what I’m saying is that it’s way good enough tasting to get wide eyes over the value.


As per routine, the corner burners continue to show face. Without question I’m throwing this joint in the Tradition Approved category of Red Bean Rankings. Easily, worth ya time on any Monday.

Behind The Beans

Can’t give y’all tradition without giving y’all the struggle of making it. This shit is always fucking pure chaos. Today, not so bad.

Behind The Beans
RB&R Day 41


How about em? Mayo been putting em in tiers.

Three tiers:

  • Highly Touted Tradition
  • Tradition Approved
  • Sub-Par Tradition

With 41 plates in the books, we look like:


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