RB&R Day 42: This Tradition So Good It May Make Ya A Lil’ Dizzy

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Lord knows mayo needed a prime plate on RB&R Day 42 to slap the ever living tradition outta my ass and sent me into more optimistic measures. If ya haven’t heard the news, mayo twitter is on its 7th full day banned from the platform for playing a few b97 songs when first launching in 2019.

running off my podcast twitter.
It’s a fucking graveyard.

Ya think those robotic assholes out in California give a flying piss about some red beans and rice? Nah, they blocked over 400 blogs worth of tweets telling the true common man tale.

Tradition will prevail.

Dizzy Got Value

Food value has never meant more to me now that I’m broke like all the fucking time.

Lil’ Dizzy’s Cafe
SINCE 1940

So, I took my railroaded ass somewhere few folks been mentioning, but has not fell off my radar for a second. Wanna spend under $10 and feel good about what ya grubbed on? Head over to Lil’ Dizzy’s and they gonna take care of ya.

Beautiful photo of Eddie Baquet.
Eddie’s Restaurant Owner
Ya parents may have told ya bout em.

Big props to whatever Mista Wayne Baquet is doing over there because the hospitality is ELITE! I really mean that, ELITE. It only speaks loud volumes on this family whose names are engraved in New Orleans restaurant history.

RB&R Day 42 Promo
Lil’ Dizzy’s Cafe

Take care of is an understatement that one would like to emphasize. On the phone, as I walked in, and as mayo left these folks were top notch. Pleasure and an honor!

RB&R Day Plate

  • $8.99
    • $6.99 if ya don’t get the sausage link. YA MAY NOT NEED IT DARLIN!
  • Stellar portion of RB&R.
  • Sausage in the RB&R, plenty.
  • TASTY, seasoned fantastic.


Look for them in the RB&R Rankings which will release again after the 45th plate.

Released on RB&R 38

RB&R Day 42

As for today, add another to the long and everlasting tradition list.

Behind The Beans

Ya just can’t overlook chaos.

& ya can’t overlook the roof over ya head. When ya really put it into common sense perspective it looks dumb as fuck to not worry about what is keeping ya secure. Ya just can’t practice tradition w/o a good roof.


HTM Undressed is back tomorrow night to toss it up in the jar. Live on facebook at 10:00 PM. If ya know, ya know.

See y’all then.

0.75 upload speed this morning.
Can’t even throw bread w/ these dudes.


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