RB&R Day 46: You Down With Tradition At P&G On Baronne?

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RB&R Day 46: P&G Restaurant

Tradition never felt so hard to get motivated on RB&R Day 46. Mayo was ready to go as per routine, every single Monday. However, the tradition engine couldn’t get heated up on the first pull.

First call: Smiley’s in New Orleans East

failed attempt for tradition.

From there it was just get in the truck and take a ride to the CBD. I just know that I can find what I’m looking for by simply going around the skirts of Poydras and Canal street. No doubt about it.

RB&R Day 46

P&G Restaurant
Est. 1981

Which is exactly why I took my navigating ass to P&G Restaurant. This was a recommendation by a holder on the weekly RB&R Location threads that are put out on Monday mornings. This what ya looking at:

  • $9.99
  • RB&R
    • the lady called me handsome.

For being put in a position where nobody had the motivation to sell me some tradition, this place was a gem of convenience.

Speaking of convenience,

these assholes who cut grass on my block are just OUT OF CONTROL at this point. Every single time I need them not to be there, they are there.


RB&R Day 46 continued…

RB&R Day 46
P&G Restaurant

Don’t walk into the ole P&G thinking ya bout to blow ya taste buds out ya mouth with flavor. It ain’t happening. This is like going to an ole fashion New Orleans cafeteria, but I’m sure they got other slappin’ food. I’ve heard their breakfast is fucking fantastic.

Will try soon.

This tradition though,

Overall, don’t expect to see them in the top five, ten, etc. The competition is too stiff at this point with flavor and price in the RB&R Rankings.

New top 15 will release on RB&R Day 50

After 46 plates this is how tradition sits:

46 Mondays inna row, champ.
Ask about me

Behind The Beans

This week was a treacherous view from behind the beans. Apologize to nobody in advance as this is the life of a young independent creator.

Behind The Beans
RB&R Day 46

Ya can’t create shit without a good roof.

Call All Around Roofing today for a life changing experience of clarity while you eat tradition on Mondays. Promise ya that.



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