RB&R Day 47: Back On Decatur For Some Tradition Support

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RB&R Day 47: Coop's Chicken

Back on Decatur for some traditional smoke on RB&R Day 47. Location? Coop’s Chicken, right next to one of my favorite glory holes in Turtle Bay. Dead ass ya getting some of the cities best chicken at Coop’s and some of the cities best value for a steak late night at Turtle Bay. Hold mayo accountable for that statement, no problem. Catch a fucking vibe.

RB&R Day 47
Coop’s Chicken

47 Monday’s in a row, not a myth.

47 checks signed at NOLA establishments.

So, paying a little over $13 today at Coop’s was essentially just charging it to the game. The game is tradition and I’m playing eternally. Running, Running.

RB&R Day 47

Only issue with this plate is portion. Other than that, ya dealing with a pretty unique tradition grab. The fried chicken is as good as they hype it up. Wasn’t exactly excited when it was gone. This RB&R had some type of pulled roast or pork shredded in the beans. Gave it a fantastic little taste that I haven’t experienced any other place. No bread, no cornbread. Made mayo sad.

Some Heavy Hittas On This List.
47 Straight Plates

When ya charging over $10, ya gotta have that in my opinion. Fellas, it’s just not cool to low portion tradition. However, this place can have a pass. Also, the lady behind the bar gets a pass for not knowing how much her tradition costs when I asked if the $11.99 special was still hitting.

I’d head to Coop’s if I were you, but they not heading to my Top 10. It just doesn’t hit like them top ten plates highlighted in yellow on the 47 list. Flavor and the chicken is unique, worth ya time. Don’t skip it.

Behind The Beans

The struggle of tradition continues…

Tradition Foul

We all deserve a pass when it comes to Mondays. But, don’t pass on getting ya roof replaced. Eventually, Monday won’t give ya a pass and ya roof will have an atrocious and massive leak pouring from ya roof into ya home. Oooof, so tragic.

All Around Roofing

Unfortunately, that will lead to a tradition foul and who wants that? Call the professionals at All Around Roofing today. See ya later.


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