RB&R Day 49: Saint Peter Throws A Tradition Heater

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RB&R Day 49: The Gumbo Shop

Y’all got me all the way fucked up on RB&R Day 49. Loosen up, I wanted to come in with a straight bang. Nah, but really don’t think mayo is running out of spots after this beautiful edition of tradition. Took my thick-skinned traditional ass straight to 630 Saint Peter, G.C.I.T.W.

The Gumbo Shop
O.G. 1st Edition Mayo Gear (2019)

RB&R Day 49

Didn’t wake up thinking I’d fine some heat ass red beans in a gumbo shop, but ya know that is why I like to wake up early. Take all the fuckery and unique moments in as the sun rises. Never doubted this place for a second other than it maybe being a little touristy. But, when it finally came time to place the order, I felt stellar about it.

RB&R Day 49
The Gumbo Shop

The bag that they put the beans in is the nicest to-go bag I’ve ever seen in the existence of RB&R Day. That just means something. Looks like a $10 bag, not even trying to be dramatic. But, it’s most importantly what is inside the bag that counts on Mondays. Gumbo Shop ain’t playing around lemme tell ya.

RB&R Day 49
SpreadQuarters Promo

Hear Me Out

  • RB&R had very superb flavor!
  • I was shocked, it was their own little type of taste. Very satisfied here.
  • The smoked sausage came in two punching bag links. Nothing to be mad about.
  • Big ole road long piece of French Bread.
  • Overall it was a HEAVY plate.

Mayo is big on portions, this is it. Little pricy for me on a broke ass day after taxes, but the actual enjoyment of the plate overrode that issue. Only problem after that was my voice cause I got fucked up with some holders in baton rouge this past weekend. Hadn’t been round so much drunk testosterone in fucking years.

Punched my radio for playing bad songs.


Top ten potential right here. RB&R Day 50 will be the day that our next top 15 plates get released to the common folk public. It’s also a true testament to this city as all 50 will have been served in the great city of New Orleans. Such a beautiful thing.

This list still stands true,
till RB&R Day 50

Before y’all depart,

Lemme show ya Behind The Beans.

Behind The Beans

Can’t even consider spooning tradition without a solid generator come this hurricane season. Y’all know the gulf gonna be fucking and tryna piss on our good common folk times. Call up Craig’s Electrical and snag a Generac generator for an elite deal from a trustworthy holder.

Craig’s Electrical


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