RB&R Day 50: Smiley’s Grill Wants In On The Top 15 Plates

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RB&R Day 50: Smiley's Grill

Smiley’s Grill just shot one up at the buzzer on RB&R Day 50. The rankings have been heating up and nobody would’ve thought that Smiley’s would jump into the mix after a couple weeks ago.

Called up Smiley’s at the end of March.


Like the good ole Harry Dunne once said,


That’s what Smiley’s is all about. Nobody is fucking perfect and that’s exactly why I took my non-perfect ass straight to Smiley’s today when my first option was closed.


Either way,

New Orleans East was on my mind.

Return of the East.
3716 Downman

It just keeps hitting where the struggle is the most. Doesn’t shock me one bit. I firmly believe ya gotta be hungry to strive for greatness, can’t be content. Little shit has to wait sometimes. That’s exactly the vibe ya get when ya see the cooks over at Smiley’s literally forklifting massive chicken tenders into ya tradition plate. I was in there ten minutes total and I can tell ya from those minutes spent that them folks in there cooking some straight heat. Super supportive bunch too, they on social media and repping the fuck outta Smiley’s. Also, Ya can get tossed up over there, they got daqs. This my type of place all day long. I’m picking up Tootie next time.

RB&R Day 50
Smiley’s Grill

For Just $10

On Monday’s at Smiley’s:

  • RB&R
  • 1 BRICK of cornbread
  • 3 MASSIVE chicken tenders

That’s two meals ya looking at. Nobody in their right mind state would eat all that food at 12:00 on a Monday. If they do they gonna look like a fucking barely functioning alien a few hours later. This is living!

Smiley’s Grill Promo
RB&R Day

Behind The Beans

As always,

Lots of time and effort go in the production.

I almost enjoy every minute of it.

Behind The Beans
RB&R Day 50

Red Bean Rankings

Lastly, for the 50th edition of RB&R Day I promised to present an updated top 15 for the occasion. One can consider putting every single one of these joints in their notes for upcoming Mondays in New Orleans.

Red Bean Rankings
RB&R Day

The Gumbo Shop is in there somewhere. But, not really. It was hard for me to put them over Verti-Marte.

If ya ever interested in knowing what spots in the city have been touched by mayo, there is a couple ways to find out.

First way,

Here is a list of all 50.
Twitter: SnowLikeJonn

Another way,

Search “RB&R Day” with the location name on google. It will pop up as I’ve blogged every one of these locations throughout.

Can’t even grab tradition without having my vehicle properly serviced. One step at a time for the mayo man as I still need my fucking brakes done. I’d be an imbecile not to stop at Midas on Canal street once that time has come. Be an even bigger imbecile to just not fix them. (current state of imbecile)



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