RB&R Day 51: Rouses On Carrollton, Them Grocery Beans

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RB&R Day 51: Rouses On Carrollton

Right back at it like we left something on RB&R Day 51. Most under achievers would take so much glory in doing 50 of these plates in a row that they would tap out and move to gumbo.

50 locations down.
Today is 51

Not this fella, just living for the occasion every single Monday. Let’s start with what it takes to even participate in this practice. Nobody said it was easy.

Behind The Beans

gotta be determined.

The only reason I like to call before hand is because I’ve been let down so many times with like places running out and/or just not even having the mothafuckas. So, I know it’s extra, but it is so vital. Folks been telling me bout Rouses like it means something in the RB&R game. On an overcast day, it was able to get my attention. Literally took five seconds to get there.

$6.99 is what caught my attention, but when ya putting ya own food in the box the game changes slightly. Still managed to stay under $10 with:

  • RB&R
  • Smoked Sausage
  • One piece of fried chicken

Portion was fantastic as I made sure it was fantastic. Flavor was exactly what you’d expect, but we should give props to Rouses on a certain creamy and flavorful experience. Didn’t grab a napkin and that hurts me.

Not top ten material or even top 15 material.

Worth ya stop, wear a fucking jumpsuit.

The Top 15 STANDS.

RB&R Day 51 Promo

RB&R Day 51
Rouses Market

Now, we did see a plate fatality in this case. That does bode well for the grocery store and will keep them from the bottom of the jar. However, I’d be willing to throw Rouses up against ya best hospital beans and just let them fight till the death. Would be an interesting case study.

It Needs Some Kick

Add something interesting to ya red beans tonight. Use the code “mayo” online at frog-bone.com and instantly get 15% off any FB product. That includes bangers like these:

Bone Reaper Hot Sauce in ya beans?

No Days Offline

Donate to a cause that will help the youth in our fantastic community. Any donation will help get less fortunate New Orleans youth computers to further extend their education and creativity.

A real good deal all around.

Venmo: no-days-offline


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