RB&R Day 54: North Broad Blue Store Makes Ya Wanna Slap Somebody

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RB&R Day 54: North Broad Seafood

Can’t get enough of that tradition on RB&R Day 54. At this point, I’m just getting in the truck and going with my heart. Not a soul would’ve said ya could find 54 solid locations to find tradition in one city, even the great city of New Orleans. This should all make sense and become beneficial once mayo gets to 100 straight locations. For sure wanna mention last week’s location since it wasn’t published on this website. RITEWAY SOUL FOODS! That shit was killer. Click here to check out some more on that plate.

RB&R Day 53
Riteway Soul Foods

The Blue Store

Yesterday, I pulled up on North Broad street yesterday and the first thing I saw was four young ladies bouncing that ass to some New Orleans bounce music out front. Looked like one of the ladies had just graduated. They headed to North Broad Seafood to celebrate. If that don’t tell ya enough about how dank this place was, Idk what will. They call it the “Blue Store” and that really gives me a common folk vibe.

Behind The Beans
RB&R Day 54

How about $9.49 for this?

  • One stock pile of tradition
  • Five fried chicken wings
  • Massive hunk of cornbread

Take a glimpse…

Ain’t no doubt in my mind when I saw the shit in person that there would be some shake up in the top ten plates. NORTH BROAD, stand up!

1901 North Broad Street

Only thing I’d say to watch is ya hocks.

They in there, but the flavor comes with em. It just doesn’t get any better than what these folks laid down on tradition day at the Blue Store. A mix between a very fine taste with that soul food finish. Wanna support a place that supports the common folks with heavy plates all over New Orleans? This the place. I’ll pay for ya food if ya don’t like it.

Top Ten Plates

Add Riteway (53) & North Broad (54)
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