RB&R Day 56: C&A Seafood At The Buzzer

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RB&R Day 56

Tradition made a stop at C&A Seafood to see what we were working with on RB&R Day 56. It wasn’t an easy road to get these beans as I struck out three times prior to arriving on Norman C. Francis at C&A.

  • Elizabeth’s? Looked too packed, too formal and couldn’t locate red beans on their online menu.
  • Manchu Food Store? Nah, Manchu fried rice store.
  • Jake’s Uptown Supermarket? Can’t find tradition on Jake with a full blown search warrant.

Mayo lands on C&A

At last, C&A popped up before the clock struck too late. Honestly, getting tradition past 2:00 is a fucking risk. The love is seeping out of it as the hours tick off the clock. At ya own risk.

RB&R Day 56
C&A Seafood

Everything with taste and quality is there in this plate. However, we may have ourselves a quantity issue as the plate is pin pointed over $13 out the door without a coke. Places like Triangle Deli put that to bed.

RB&R Day 55
Triangle Deli

Our plate today was solid, but by no means can it sit with the big tradition dogs in HTM’s top ten plates. No seat for shortage!

HTM Top Ten Plates

Don’t get full of that tradition, clog ya pipes, and just sit there thinking next Monday gonna be any better. Call the good folks at Saia Plumbing to get things straight before shit hits the fan. Ya know what I mean?

make sure ya say “mayo” or ya paying more.


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