RB&R Day 63: Tradition Pick Up At Panola

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Red Beans and Rice Day 63

Ya would’ve thought the whole city was victim of a sleepy plague on RB&R Day 63. It still doesn’t feel right if ya ask me. What the shit is wrong with people today? Just tapped out when the sun rose I guess. It took mayo three shots to hit tradition gold this Monday.

  • Corporate Bar & Grill
    • someone check on those folks.
third time trying these fellas.
say they open online at 11am
nobody there.
  • Commerce (friend suggestion)
    • $15 for these dudes plate.
    • see ya later…
  • Tiger Seafood Market
    • can’t even find a ghost.

At last, I landed at a place I knew would be open for about thirty more minutes and that place was Panola Street Cafe.

They with the routine.

I didn’t think these dudes would hit top ten on the rankings, but I also didn’t think they would be coming with such a unique little flavor on em.

RB&R Day 63

RB&R Day 63
Panola Street Cafe

Sometimes tradition just needs to be placed in the right box. A to-go box don’t do this dish any justice visually. Looks like somebody ran off with half the plate and we never wanna see that on RB&R Day. However, the taste didn’t run off anywhere. These beans gotta rich, elegant, and wealthy taste to em that really can’t be denied. Honestly, can’t see how anyone wouldn’t enjoy this plate for $9.99…

RB&R Day
Panola Street Cafe Promo

Top Ten?

Top ten? Absolutely not.

Told folks the last few weeks on this day and in these blogs that with now 63 plates down, it is hard to compete with the likes of…

Cooter Brown’s?

Liuzza’s by the Track?



The competition is stiff as horse nuts. Saddle up if ya riding.

last week on RB&R Day 62

Clogging Pipes?

Clogging up ya pipes on RB&R Day? That’s totally understandable. Make sure ya call Saia Plumbing for clarity and solution with that situation. Don’t let shit hit the fan because ya didn’t call the right folks. Give em a call!

Saia Plumbing

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HTM Undressed 246


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