RB&R Day 65: Old Gentilly Spicy Kitchen For Tradition

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Red Beans And Rice Day 65

Tradition had to hit the brakes and pull over at Old Gentilly Spicy Kitchen for RB&R Day 65. Let it be known if ya didn’t know, this is the greatest tradition in the world. I don’t care what ya mother cooks at ya house on Sunday evening, it just isn’t as tight as red beans and rice on Monday.

RB&R Day 65
Old Gentilly Spicy Kitchen

Couple things to mention:

  • never heard of this place or had plans on going before eventually ending up in the parking lot.
  • this is the 65th plate of tradition in a row, 65 straight Mondays all at New Orleans establishments.
  • there is not a single doubt in my mind at this point that this journey will make 100 plates all in the great city of New Orleans, it will.

Honestly, tradition is all we have right now.

Old Gentilly
Spicy Kitchen

This place got the heat and they clearly been having it for a while. Just never heard of it, but once I saw ONE photo online of a to-go plate I knew that it was a sure contender to be on this one day historic list of tradition.

  • under $10
  • certified Monday lunch special
  • took under five mins to obtain once order was placed to-go on the spot.
  • natural flavor with these beans…
  • not much smoked sausage, but that smothered pork chop coming in real hot in relief.
  • CORNBREAD present, loved the CB.

Overall, this plate is certainly worth ya time. I know a girl who I’m friends with that already drove her ass over there and confirmed the quality. They cooking over at Old Gentilly Spicy Kitchen and I’m eating.

Top Ten?


Due to high volume and high quality tradition before this plate, Old Gentilly Spicy Kitchen will unfortunately fall short of the top ten plates. Not everybody can make that superior list of tradition, but they all will be remembered on the red beans and rice journey.

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