RB&R Day 66: Camellia Grill Gets The Shot On Tradition Day

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Tradition gonna get through and out the door on RB&R Day 66 at Camellia Grill by Tulane. It’s 2021, so ya better be ready for all potential circumstances including getting carded to eat some red beans. That’s right folks, it’s like being on the guest list. Ya either gonna have that moment of purity walking past the covid bouncer at the establishment or ya gonna catch that vibe of shame getting told ya can’t eat some red beans and rice on a Monday. Not all have enforced it, but it just so happened that our 66th straight destination is carding fa sho.

The first time ever on our RB&R journey.

I went here because honestly I wanted to go around that Tulane area and catch a little sunny New Orleans feel and grab some tradition somewhere around there. Turns out the place that caught my eye was Camellia Grill. Beautiful fucking courtyard out front and the building just sticks out on the end of South Carrolton. Right across the way from the number one plate of beans in the city, Cooter Brown’s.

RB&R Day 66
Camellia Grill

Are ya wondering if Camellia is packing some better beans than Cooter? Better go wonder in a spacey closet to ya self cause that ain’t what we got going on right here. Just wasn’t packing enough PIZAZZZZ!

They Were Good

Nothing wrong with spending $10.99 on a plate of tradition with some hefty breaded chicken tenders. But, that ain’t gonna pop the buttons off my pants. I’m looking for that SWANGGGG of a flavor w/ some seasoned meats. I don’t care if it’s smoked sausage, fried chicken, fried fish, it don’t matter to mayo. But, we gotta be coming with flavor, portion, and affordability.

Everything else is lagniappe.

Not Top Ten

Nice knowing this plate and making history with the gotta have a card to enter thing, but unfortunately this plate will fall short of making the top ten tradition plates in the city of New Orleans. Scratch that 65 below and make it 66 straight plates of red beans and rice on Monday’s.

Tradition rank: NOT TOP TEN

Last week
Old Gentilly Spicy Kitchen

Old Gentilly Spicy Kitchen last week would certainly get the edge over our plate feature this week. That is just me being factual to the common folks.

Give em a call before shit gets real.

Be factual with ya self and understand if ya have a plumbing issue. Don’t let shit hit the fan before ya call Saia Plumbing and get those good folks to resolve the entire situation. Let em know mayo sent ya over.

HTM Undressed was live last night.


Scoop it up on Apple, Spotify or Pandora whenever ya feel like showing some fucking support. Another plate in the books.


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