RB&R Day 70: Tradition Full Of That Steam On Dauphine

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Nothing can pull the top off what happened last week on RB&R Day 69, but the train keeps rolling as RB&R Day 70 plowed through a familiar place. Well, I thought it was familiar. Turns out I’ve never been to Deja Vu Bar & Grill, but certainly glad that I took my happy ass there today.

Who was waiting?


DejaVu Bar & Grill

Dude was waiting on somebody to test him on his tradition. Look, I don’t know Jerome…but he seems like a man who could cook ya a meal that may put ya in a whole ass coma. He was ecstatic to see a young fella like me come try him on some Monday tradition.

Jerome’s House

Lemme Tell Ya

That man ain’t playing no games with the beans. Any red beans and rice that can stand on it’s own with flavor will get my support. Oh, and any man who stand there and stare out the window while ya eat his beans is a full blown original gangster in the kitchen. He ain’t gonna let ya get away dissatisfied. HAHA, that shit jokes me the fuck out.

Flavor by Jerome

Whatta legend.

The entire experience was solid, even the fella who was serving us was so fucking different it was entertaining. Dude really thought my homie Stu and I were tourists after everything I told him about this red beans and rice journey. Aye, his world I’m just living in it.

Tag Ya Tradition

Shout out to the holders who sporting tradition and tagging mayo for attendance check. Gotta love that energy on a Monday.

Very respectable plate.

Shout out to Jameis, just because…

5 TD’s for tradition.

Top Ten?

Idk bro, that shit really was fantastic and the price was on point with what I’d spend on a plate. Jerome knows what I look like now and this could come back to bite me in the ass, but I can’t put them in the top ten. Top 20 plate all day long, so head over there on Monday lunch.

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