RB&R Day 72: Tradition Takes A RISK Going To The Westbank

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Red Beans And Rice Day 72

The greatest tradition in the world makes a stop on the Westbank for RB&R Day 72 and I’d be the first to tell ya I was hesitant. Born in the parish, we just never got around to getting to the Westbank much.

RB&R Day 72
Dry Dock Cafe
Algiers Point

Every fucking time I’m there (out of the seven times I’ve been there in my life) it feels like I’m in the Truman Show. Will never understand why that place is so big, but anyways. Stopped over at Dry Dock Cafe as their beans looked incredible on the web. It also stated that they were only $6.95 on the web, but who gives a shit about saving $7 dollars these days right?

Do I drive to the Westbank if I know it’s a $14 out the door plate? Prolly not, but whatever it’s not the first time I’ve been gotten by somebody on the other side of the river. The food was worth it, but won’t make the top ten in RB&R rankings I can already let ya know that. It’s not like it wasn’t a great plate either, it was stellar. This is what you can expect over there.

The scenery is what made this place a fucking good time to add on the list. Never seen the Westbank look so good.

RB&R Day 72
Dry Dock Cafe
  • $9.99 for the RB&R plate.
  • $1.99 extra for smoked sausage.
    • get the regular plate, it has shredded pork in it and is tasty enough to not need the sausage.
  • 1 piece of garlic bread.

That’s it. Tasty plate and when I say tasty it has it’s own flavor with a rather sweet taste on it. Well seasoned, don’t need to add. Just not top ten. When we talking impact on a plate here is three impactful ones when it comes to flavor, value and portion.


RB&R Day 67
Tracey’s Bar & Grill ($6.99)
Incredible flavor

Fam Bizz

Fam Bizz ($10)
RB&R Day 61

Project Food Store

Project Food Store ($7.99)
RB&R Day 62

All three of those spots fucking slap.

Red Bean Rankings

I’m planning on revisiting my top ten rankings here soon being that the journey has become such a long one. It’s the exact reason why I blog each one of these plates so I can always go back and look at what went down as far as price, reaction, etc. As for now, the rankings remain.

Expect for the top ten to get a transparent re-visit here shortly or maybe even consider a top 20 plates.

HTM Undressed 254 released last night.

HTM 254

Sunday nights in SpreadQuarters, it’s a vibe.

If ya wanna build a house call Nola Build.

I’m running the instagram right now and it’ll get better once you fucking follow it. Thank so much and happy tradition.

The greatest, most creative, builders in the city.


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