RB&R Day 73: Tradition Thrives, While Technology Dives

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Count on technology to collapse on RB&R Day 73 as it could not settle with crashing on any other day of the week. Adversity thrown towards the way of the greatest tradition in the world. Between that and Cox’s dumb fucking ass I’m starting to think nothing different from what I’ve always thought, it’s gonna be a ride. With that being said, I rode my happy ass right over to High Hat Cafe to chop it up.

RB&R Day 73
High Hat Cafe

Lemme tell ya

  • Coming with the plastic container is something I’ve always taken as a sign of this fucking place ain’t playing around.
  • Them beans got a sweating ass kick to em. They using some type of house made hot sauce and it’s got em screaming. Just the right kick for me.
  • Get the fried chicken. The regular plate is $8.50, but add the $6.50 and suck it up for that gorgeous fried chicken. So fucking tasty, fresh.
  • Ya gonna spend $20 on this meal you see here. Am I happy about it? Not really, but the taste made me forget about it temporarily.
  • Great people, friendly folks.
RB&R Day 73
Behind The Beans

Fantastic and memorable plate of beans. The Chicken was maybe the best I’ve had on this 73 plate journey. However, price is gonna keep them out the top 10. If ya looking for a tasty plate and love some good fucking fried chicken this is the place I swear by it. Just bring a $20 bill and I understand I didn’t have to get the coke with it. Fucking let me live.

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