RB&R Day 74: Downtown With The Tradition

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Tradition had it’s sights set on one place and then took it’s ass somewhere else on RB&R Day 74.

That somewhere else was ‘The Little Easy’ on Julia street in downtown New Orleans. Had it on my list and made the move.

RB&R Day 74 Attempt #1
Bayou Bistro

The greatest tradition in the world don’t have time to get somewhere punctually at 11:00 and then be told that it would be another hour. NAH AH, not on a Monday…not this tradition. If the clock is at 11:30 and you ain’t got no red beans ready?

Gotta go!

I’m out like like a Roger Clemons fastball. I’d been hearing about this place little easy since probably the start of my journey with tradition. However, I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about the price compared to what was being offered.

For $15 you receive:

  • A plastic tin of RB&R (nice portion)
  • 4 whole fried chicken wings.
    • Great taste, they hot, the whole meal fucking hot and ready.
    • BUT, that is steep pricing for no cornbread. Also, we do gotta remember we downtown.
RB&R Day 74
The Little Easy

Biggest Thing Holding Back These Beans

They just too watery. The flavor is fantastic, actually really good taste. Those chicken wings were nice, but again if we talking real deal Holyfield on tradition we gotta consider price, quality and quantity.


For Example: Project Food Store
half the price, more grub, delicious flavor
(click here to read that blog)
For Example: Smiley’s Grill
$5 less, cornbread included.
(click here for that blog)
For Example: Hank’s Supermarket
$5 less, serious difference.
(click here for that blog)
For Example: Gentilly Spicy Kitchen
$8.99 w/ the whole deal.
(click here for that blog)

The top ten plates will remain. However, expect a shake up in these rankings coming soon. There is a couple plates that deserve some respect and they may just be above ya in those examples.

RB&R Day
proof of authenticity list

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