RB&R Day 75: Tradition In A Streetcar Just Riding Till 100

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Tradition will not stop or wait for a soul on RB&R Day 75. It’s the greatest tradition in the world.

Yes, lawd.

I’d like to dedicate these red beans to Coach O and the great common man legacy he will forever have. He’s one of us, always.

Keep Moving

Headed downtown with a place in mind (Jimmy J’s) and was told they were not holding that good good, them red beans.


So, I walked confidently back on Canal street, crossed the street, hit a left and ended up at Streetcar Cafe.

Most folks would’ve thought this place would be some fugazi tourist pick up, but I’m here to tell ya otherwise.

Very Nice Vibes

Aw yeah, beautiful vibes at the Streetcar Cafe. Almost as if God woke up and pulled his pants down right over the place shining his glorious ass all over St. Charles Street. Can’t be mad at the price, quality, or quantity in this scenario. Just an overall fantastic outing for tradition.

RB&R Day 75
Streetcar Cafe

These beans some winners and they def not some losers. I’m not gonna sit here and individually rank shit it’s not why I’m here. The goal is to hit every joint in the city and react on what they putting down. Yeah, I got a top ten…but I’m bout to scrap that mothafucka and just make a mandatory tradition list. I’m tired of mothafuckas asking me for rankings.

here, a list.

I love Portnoy, but I’m not Portnoy with ratings and he’d tell ya that he don’t give a shit about it at this point. Don’t forget to live and that is what I’m doing every single Monday in New Orleans.

Behind The Beans

Get a look into the creation of this underrated niche known as RB&R Day. My roommate, J-Saint runs around with me making it happen. No experience and no prior history doing anything like it. Just making the shit happen and getting better.

RB&R Day 75
Behind The Beans


Ima put out that top prospect plate list and y’all can just pick from it and we can go from there. This plate was worth the time and money invested. Go grab a plate and hop ya hungry ass on the Streetcar.

Last night in SpreadQuarters
HTM Undressed 257

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Tis’ the mothafucking season to be lovely.



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