RB&R Day 76: Let Tradition Shine In The Nine

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RB&R Day 76

Could’ve made a tragic mistake on RB&R Day 76 by going through with my initial instinct of Broadview Seafood. Maybe it was the sign as it looked pretty fucking traditional, but as soon as I saw that dark brown crawfish boil sausage about to drop in my plate….an audible was called.

RB&R Day 76
Greatest tradition in the world

That’s right a full blown Peyton Manning behind center audible on the tradition. Not only did it feel right, but God agreed by sending me a good man outside of Broadview. A man who had intel on a location with a jaw smacking tradition plate. His advice was taken and mayo ended up in the ninth ward at Poppa’s Seafood.


  • Two outstanding ribs, you’ll die.
  • RB&R with some impact on flavor.
  • Potato salad. (mustard based, the best)
  • Bread, like four pieces.

Added the Big Shot for the eternal price of $0.99 and I could write books on that value. The nine was shining on Monday ready to embrace tradition and folks heading to Poppa’s. The fucking place slaps.

Who Dat Nation

Prevails and that means we obtained two W’s on Monday with tradition and the Saints both thriving. Can’t ask for a better start to the fucking week and if ya can….ya being very unreasonable.

Behind The Beans

Another look into tradition.

Behind The Beans
RB&R Day 76

I’ve been working on getting a RB&R design for a year now and I hate everything about it. I don’t like making decisions on graphics and walking folks through making me one.

Sunday night

Shit stresses me the fuck out and just hope one day I get the idea I want on a shirt. Top ten plates released soon…

I’ll never do more than that.

HTM 258
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HTM Undressed was live from SpreadQuarters on Sunday night. Always a fucked up decent time in the jar.

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