RB&R Day 78: Tradition Stays Right There In The Neighborhood

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RB&R Day 78

The greatest tradition in the world doesn’t come without a story as per routine on RB&R Day 78. I don’t even look at anything red beans until Monday morning it makes it that much more of an experience for me and when it’s all set and done, the holders.

LAST WEEK on RB&R Day 77

An event each Monday that encourages the public to state their opinion on which place should come next on the list of tradition.

Tradition Audible

Today we had what’s called a tradition audible take place.

RB&R Day 78
initial thoughts

Had my eyes set on Key’s Food Store after getting some intel from a viewer on Tik-Tok only to get stopped in my tracks by a local pop up chef named Alfredo. I’ve had this mothafucka’s food before and his burgers had my mouth turning into a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Inhaling cow…

I don’t even remember what it looked like it was so fucking good. So, when he told me to stop what I’m doing and go to Olympia Food Store….I had no choice but to trust him.

Olympia Food Store

This place lies in a little crammed, yet peaceful New Orleans neighborhood off of Canal in mid-city right by where I get some weed at sometimes.

Couldn’t have been more of a match. Low key as fuck and has everything inside of it. You could literally have the full blown fucking flu and go to this place to purchase a cure. They got it all.

The red beans came with a oh so fucking grilled pork chop and some flavor. No denying the flavor on this plate as it holds it’s own unique style with a hint of some crab boil either coming off the pork chop or in the tradition. A slight kick to the temple with the spice and under $10.00, out the door at $11 with a Big Shot. No complaints at all with this tradition other than where the corn bread at?

I’ll be back for more plates on not Monday. No need to ask for top this and that anymore…

I’m only giving approvals and non-approvals.

Mayo Approves of Olympia Food Store.

Full list of 77 plates prior to today.

Behind The Beans

Another look into tradition.

Tradition says when ya buy a home ya need it inspected. I just wanna put this good fella in the mix for when ya do. The 360 Home Inspector is a long time HTM supporter/sponsor and somebody who can make the home inspection process painless when ya buying a home.

click here to contact the inspector

Give em a call, it’s tradition.


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