RB&R Day 80: Blue Oak Would Like A Word On Tradition

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RB&R Day 80

After heading east last week on RB&R day it was time to head back home right around the block for RB&R Day 80. The tradition wagon stopped at Blue Oak BBQ

Blue Oak BBQ
900 N Carrollton Ave

The fucking Disney World of NOLA BBQ and it ain’t even close, the MECCA. Not to mention, the good bros over at B.O.B. went and threw me a free Monday special for the sake of tradition.

Best believe I came out my door like Goldberg.

I’m telling ya it’s always an experience over at this place. Folks of all diversities rolling through throwing ribs back like seasoned doctors. For good reason, it’s the greatest BBQ in the city and you’ll ditch ya whole fucking truck for it.

Long Time Coming

For the last year I’ve gotten messages, tweets and concerns on when the Blue Oak venture would happen for tradition. At last, I’m happy to give the people what they wanted to see. How them beans doing?

RB&R Day 80
Blue Oak BBQ

They kicking. Kicking like Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. Pleasant surprise as I knew there would be meats present that usually aren’t guaranteed in tradition, but that flavor had me by the throat. I’m all about that fucking kick that says “hey we here for red beans, but we here to party.”

  • Blue Oak RB&R
  • 2 slices of brisket
  • 1 punching bag of hot sausage
  • 1 flawless rib
  • Texas Toast for the soul

I had heartburn by the time I smoked my first cig walking back to the truck. Can’t say enough about the portion. Also, tons of activity surrounding as I walked all around the neighborhood. Folks walking dogs, roller blading, driving, slapping hammers and you name it. Everybody at a weird peace and I’m happy for em.

Blue Oak RB&R – HTM Approved

speaking of peace

Behind The Beans

As per routine…

This will give more insight on the initial reaction to that 90’s body style Ford just completely wrapped around a fucking pole behind me.

RB&R Day 80
Behind The Beans

Holder Tradition

Folks share my tradition, I’ll share theirs.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who invests their time and attention to this tradition and the work I’m putting on the table.

God bless you and your family.

my truck is there now, you should hit them up.


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