RB&R Day 82: I’d Like To Stay Under $32 Please!

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RB&R Day 82

Never thought I’d wake up expecting to do tradition at the Roosevelt Hotel on RB&R Day 82, only to end up back on the Westbank. Gawd willing…

RB&R Day 82

Ya know, life doesn’t owe us explanation every single time. But, I recommend finding clarity on why things went the way they did. I was able to do that yesterday.

The Roosevelt Hotel

Upon waking up, something told me to call over at the Roosevelt. My plan was to go there and make a whole moment.

It’s what the people want.

I called around 8:30 am on Monday only to find out that they don’t serve red beans till prime tourist hours, 5pm-9pm. Just don’t have time for all that B97 shit. Would like to go in the future, the deal isn’t that bad, but yesterday didn’t work at 5pm.

The Roosevelt Canceled

While looking for another spot to hit, I depressingly stumbled across the highest tradition mark up in the city. No disrespect, but then again my job is to find the value for the common folks on tradition each Monday. This ain’t it and that comes from somebody who does wanna try each plate in the city. I ain’t no fucking Robert DeNiro, I can’t afford this one captain.


Side note: Camellia has all this money and won’t sponsor the greatest red bean movement in the state. I literally can’t stand them dudes and will make a rival packaged red bean product one day to shove down their corporate throats. RB&R Day red beans coming soon…

Shout out Fred’s in Tigerland.

The real common folk support system.

Holder Intel

At that point a holder sent over some red bean intel on a place called Frazier’s Connection on the Westbank.

Since the prices are giraffe nuts high in New Orleans on tradition (the remaining spots I haven’t done) it has become no issue to venture over on the other side the river.

RB&R Day 82
Frazier’s Connection

The intel was solid and Frazier’s got the signature.

  • the greatest chicken you can put in ya mouth.
  • fantastic price point at $11.99
  • everything made fresh as fuck.
  • stellar tasting red beans and rice.
  • again, the chicken…
RB&R Day 82
Call for back up.

A whole fucking vibe was caught outside that establishment. Not gonna lie, I was skeptical at first with all the old folks and the wait time. But, all that was forgotten once I opened them boxes up.

NOBODY is more proud of their shit than the Westbank. Anytime I can go there and put a smile on their faces I enjoy doing it.

Behind The Beans

As per routine…

Get over to Frazier’s quick…

Frazier’s Connection – HTM Approved


Monday is always the greatest day of the week for me personally. Not only is it the day I get to do the most not job like thing for a living, but the support is always there on that day.

love her, real ass mfer

I appreciate real people, I’m not the best friend or supporter so when people say kind shit about my craft it really hits home.

Speaking of home…

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Holder RB&R Submissions
Holder RB&R Submissions



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