RB&R Day 85: The Only Place You Can Grab Some Ass & Some Beans

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RB&R Day 85

It was a full blown celebration on RB&R Day 85 this past Monday in New Orleans. The Saints and Red Beans both colliding on the same traditional day. The moment called for a moment and baw did I ever have one on Bourbon Street.

I been trying to find a spot that is around there that you wouldn’t expect to have red beans and rice. A spot you may have been to 100 times, but ya got so fucking mollywhopped that ya didn’t even care to look at the menu. That is exactly what happened when I thought back on Bourbon Heat.

The City On A Monday

There is a whole reason why people say there is no place like New Orleans. I document the entire journey as I’m out walking around and we got to see everything in full action ON A MONDAY.

RB&R Day 85
Bourbon Heat

Mothafuckas hustling all up and down Bourbon tryna sell anything they can get their hands on. Folks drinking their balls off at 2:00 pm while a live band plays a set. Got fellas in their underwear doing exercise instructional work for the people walking by and a fucking werewolf checking ID’s at the door. Look, this is a Monday in New Orleans.

RB&R Day 85
Bourbon Heat

Shit, for $15

Which, I mean you better bring a $20 if you going to Bourbon. I’m actually not even mad at the $15, but more so happy that Bourbon Heat is offering tradition on Mondays. Pat O’s ain’t got no tradition on Monday.

Some people just still don’t get it.

Bourbon Heat def understands the assignment.

The Saints did not.

85 Mondays in a row, not even Covaroma can stop it.

Bourbon HeatHTM Approved

Behind The Beans

As per routine…

Tradition Sends

Here goes some tradition troop content.

If you tag me in ya tradition on Monday, I will most likely retweet it and throw it in the blog if it is from a place I’ve fucked with already.

Actual legal and medical marijuana is on the way. Don’t be the imbecile who misses the mary jane train in Louisiana. Head over to RELEAF MED on Twitter and click the link they have in the bio.

That will get ya very short and sweet process started and you’ll be smoking grass in no time.


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