RB&R Day 87: Tradition Reaches The Off-Season

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RB&R Day 87

The greatest tradition in the world continues to sprint towards 100 on RB&R Day 87. Throw the phone and google searches in the drain, boots on ground is the only way at this point.

RB&R Day 87

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take some suggestions from the people. However, it seems most are not grasping the whole I wanna keep getting red beans in New Orleans thing. Nearly 90% suggest I go outside each time…it’s pretty incredible.

asking the locals every Monday morning

I’m open to the Westbank here and there. Ya not gonna find me in Metairie with a search warrant and the audacity to ask for a northshore appearance. Nobody trying to get arrested for smoking pot and eating beans.

Prytania baby

Through decent word of mouth on Twitter, this little place Zara’s came up. Looked at one pic of the place online and said this was the one. But, see that is the problem right there. I can’t beg these folks to have the tradition hot and ready. They gotta feel that in their souls on Monday morning.

Ya Gotta Want It

Zara’s had cased red beans and that ain’t the way for Mayo. The journey shifted quickly and headed towards Downtown to take a walk. Upon walking I found this little green building on the corner.

RB&R Day 87
From Zara’s to….

Quarter Grocery

You’d never know it had food or was operating.

The menu was on the door and they had the tradition ready. Walked my happy ass in there and made it happen for $9.49 w/ what seemed like another Vietnamese establishment.

One thing about the Vietnamese, they gonna have that food fucking proper and ready on any given day. Idc if it’s Christmas, they gonna have a hot plate for ya. I had no doubt this place would be solid.

  • $9.49
    • $12 w/ a crawfish pie
  • 2 eye opening pieces of catfish
  • RB&R (it’s that Popeye’s, blue runner)

Behind The Beans

Final Thoughts

The shit was alright, but I guarantee ya this place has some fire sandwiches and other hot plates. They just really ain’t on that tradition game like we would expect folks to be on RB&R Day 87. No love lost, the tradition train continues to roll. I can’t necessarily approve this plate as one I’d go back and get though. BUT, the value is there if ya pass it up.

We gotta find some heat next Monday.

Holder Tradition

Feel free to tag mayo w/ ya plate each week and get a retweet back with my honest to God observation. Whatever that’ll be…

The plates been coming in…

Don’t pass up The Rambler on Frenchman. If ya do pass it up just know that ya missing out on a free beer courtesy of Hold The Mayo.

Anybody who follows HTM on Twitter can stop at Rambler and snag a free brew. One of the greatest vibes on Frenchman is The Rambler.


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