RB&R Day 89: Wag’s Food And Culture

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RB&R Day 89

The Westbank can collectively celebrate as RB&R Day 89 was a complete smoke show over at Wag’s on the Westbank.

RB&R Day 89

Wag’s is just one of them spots that folks gonna tell ya about when the hot plate conversation is active. Anybody over at that place is down to ride for Wag’s. The owner (Larry) is one of the smoothest, coolest cats you’ll ever eat a plate with. I smoked like two fat ass blunts just on the back porch eating red beans. I’ve actually never been more comfortable on RB&R Day in my life.

RB&R Day 89
Wag’s Food & Culture

For just $12:

I received a heavy plate of tradition with like six perfectly seasoned fried chicken wings, potato salad, cornbread and a drink. Included in that $12 was a complete vibe while ya eat over at Wag’s. I met the regulars, we got high and lived our whole lives. People pulling up left and right who know each other by name and I didn’t see a single person there that didn’t say hello. This is southern Louisiana in it’s absolute best form.

Wag’s Food & CultureHTM Approved

Eli Apple Could Never

It just so happens that one of the biggest scrubs in Saints football history decided to take a little sissy poke at the greatest city in the world on the most traditional day in the world.

12:32 am up thinking bout the Saints

Turned out to be a tragic move for the lackluster cornerback.

A move he will regret for eternity as Saints twitter dropped their nuts in his mouth the entire calendar day.

One thing about Eli Apple, he wouldn’t know a southern hot plate if the mothafucka popped out his intestines. A true New Jersey sausage and pepper eating space cadet we dealing with right here.

Red Beans? Nah, he would shit his soul out and run to the hospital.

Holder Subs

As per routine, everybody cooking on Monday.

Turned out to be a record day for RB&R Day on Twitter and none of this is possible if I don’t wake up every morning and smoke my Releaf Med.

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